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Ten things you didn't know about Siddartha85


Yeah, I know this is late.

1. Time constraints have me drifting away from some games and towards others

Every so often, I read a forum post from someone leaving games behind.  Whether they've gotten married or are having a kid, they explain how time constraints and more important things in life have gotten between them and videogames.  Whenever I see that, it makes me sad, but I understand it.  It's almost happening to me.  But it's not.  I'm spending more time reading blogs and forums than playing games.  I'm also playing much less of a greater variety of games.  I'm becoming a casual gamer almost against my will.  I can't finish an RPG anymore, but I'll still get them.  But I'll also play things I never used to consider, like hidden-object games, free-to-play MMOs and MMO betas, even the 3DS, the first portable system I've had since the original Gameboy.  I'm less invested in any particular game or kind of game.  I'm also more forgiving of games and their flaws.

2. I will type out lengthy and even well-argued comments and forum posts, and then ditch them

Sometimes, I do a whole spiel about something and then realize that while I might care about the topic, I'm wasting my time.  Actually, I mostly stop myself if I realize I'm getting emotional about something written on the internet.  If you get emotional about something on the internet, I believe you need to check yourself.  What you write in response is either going to come-off wrong or require a disproportionate amount of work for the difference it will actually make.  I have to remember sometimes that I am not a big deal and just let my three-paragraph baby die.

3. I'm drifting towards comics and spend more time with digital comics than games

This one surprises me.  I've been dipping my toe into comics for a while, and the prospect of getting fully into them has always seemed unappetizing.  Considering the relative value propositions of how much time you're getting from each one, video games seem to be the better deal.  For a long time, I just kept probing a little and getting trades of things I really liked.  I never wanted to get single issues on a regular basis.  It always seemed like I was avoiding a trap for fools.  Now I'm all-in and have a pull-list.  I am a damn fool.  Worse, I'm still getting into new comics.  Anything I stop reading gets replaced by something else.  I'm in deep.  But honestly, it's pretty awesome.  I wouldn't do it if it wasn't worth it to me.  Comics are amazing at utilizing the nature of the medium to tell stories.  Video games are not at that level yet, but they're close.

4. I'm from Northern Virginia, in the D.C. Metro Area, and I like it here. 

People come to the D.C. area for work and because the D.C. metro area is known for being a great place to be young and hip, and it is.  They'll pour into this area from everywhere in the country and the world.  Understandably, people talk a lot about how nice it is where they come from, and that's neat, but I'm from here, and it's pretty sweet here.  I'll go on vacation, come back, and really love that I'm back.  The D.C. area is awesome. 

5. I want to be a cyborg.

I've always loved science fiction.  And I've always been drawn to technologically enhanced heroes and I know that's pretty common.  But for personal reasons, I have a thing about bodily degeneration and dying of natural causes.  It freaks me the hell out disproportionately.  I wonder how normal that is.  I seriously look forward to the day we can enhance ourselves.

6. I start games over about half-way through and play again differently.

This is technically cheating, since I'm neutralizing some surprises, but it's fun to do.  I'll identify the advantages and disadvantages of different play-styles at different parts of the game and remember them.  Then I'll go back through and tear it up with another build.  I've even do this in a shooter, using different weapons.  It's really fun.

7. I love stealth games, so I can subvert them and blow everyone away.

I have a friend who loves stealth games.  He sneaks through on hardest difficulty, never being seen.  If he slips up or does something wrong, he reloads.  Watching him do this is both comical and torture for me.  He has to be perfect.  They never even know he's there.

I'll blast my shotgun in the air and gun down all the guards, as they try to squeeze through a doorway.  I take the grenades they give you and apply them liberally.  You see, the guards in these games are too civilized.  They lack a certain killer instinct.  They have to have their senses triggered and go through states of awareness.  They're very prim and proper that way.  It makes stacking them up more fun.

8. I drive around some nights are never end up going anywhere.

I like to drive.  Sometimes, I feel like I need to.  I don't like to go a day without driving.  When I first learned how to drive, I hated it.  I was constantly scared.  But my parents told me to do it on a regular basis, then every day.  It worked.  I got good.  I'm still a better driver than basically anyone I know.  I don't drive fast or recklessly, but make good time.  I can make you feel safe and still get places early.  So some nights I'll head out, vaguely meaning to go somewhere, and change my mind about where a few times.  Sometimes, I'd rather be driving than actually get to where I'm going.

9. I haven't had a significant other since high school...and it's awesome.  I highly recommend it.

I'll admit, I spent years in total anguish about this.  Painful times.  But part of growing up is being okay with yourself and the situation you're in.  You learn to be okay.  And then you can learn to be awesome.  I'm still okay with idea of having another girlfriend, but I stopped looking years ago.  I threw away my neediness, my expectations, the shackles of what I'm expected to want in life.  That was a fantastic decision.  For a long time, I knew I was ill-suited to being in a relationship.  But now that I'm probably ready, I don't really want one.  I get to be a better friend to more people.  It's fun.

10. I'm pretty into Metal and now find it hard to understand not liking it. 

I listen to a lot of Metal.  And like most Metal fans, a lot of kinds of Metal.  It's a surprisingly diverse little world of music.  I love the drama, the fun and the fact that you don't feel like you're compromising.  What I don't love is the reaction I get from people when I tell them I listen to Metal.  And I'm talking about kids my age and younger.  It's depressing.  I keep hearing, "That's so angry!".  For some reason, people immediately conjure in their minds whatever kind of Metal they don't want to hear.  The connotation is always negative.  It's like nobody remembers that Metal used to be mainstream.

Just once, I want to say "Metal" and have somebody say, "I love Guns and Roses!" or "I used to listen to Metallica".  I know damn well you have enjoyed some kind of Metal.  I'll even take "Final Countdown".  I don't listen to Metal because it's loud or angry.  But because it holds nothing back from what it wants, even if it's something cheesy or nasty or brutal.  I just want the hipster mutants of my generation to get off their high horse and share with me their secret indungence.  Hell, I still want to meet a Ska or Punk fan.

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