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Cheerio, Destructoid

Hello Dtoiders,

As a lot of you may have already heard and/or figured out, Dtoid's been letting a certain amount of people go -- I'm one of them.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Destructoid, I truly have. The experience and knowledge I've gained from my time here will stay with me forever.

Funnily enough, being let go has made me realise just how much I love being part of this industry, specifically on the reporting side of things. I don't want to stop doing this. I won't stop doing this.

And though moving to Australia from the UK and starting university has consumed a fair amount of my time in the last couple of months, I'm ready and willing to continue doing what I love.

I definitely won't be completely vanishing from Destructoid; you'll still find me in the comments section, giving people what for.

I recently made a Twitter account, so feel free to follow me on that: @Glittery_Crumpet

Also, here's my email, because sharing something like that on the Internet carries with it no risks whatsoever, right guys? Right?: [email protected]

I wish Destructoid all the best.
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