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Oh hey, they're revealing Megaman's final smash, I wonder if it's something cool...

Wait, what?

Is that X? The X that they had never touched even for Marvel Vs. Capcom? Yes, that's definitely X. Wow, that's pretty cool of Nintendo to add him as a little cameo...

Hold on, it's those EXE and Star Force guys! I used to watch EXE. on saturday morning TV! Will the wonders ever end...

Wait a sec, that's a face I'll never forget. He doesn't have a helmet, either... that's VOLNUTT! Capcom basically shuttered the poor bastard with his game, but now he's back, bitch!

Oh my, they're standing in a row, Mega Busters at the ready, and it's time... BOOM!

Fuck that Megaman X-Over shit, this IS the closest thing that we'll get to an awesome Mega-crossover. Actually, fuck it, Nintendo should fund such an´┐Żendeavor. There is absolutely no reason why this moment should be restricted to a finishing move at all.
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