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Where did Destructoid go?

Not sure if things work as they once did here on Dtoid. Jim Sterling has left to work at The Escapist. I'm quite certain my very first blog here was me being a dick about how Escapist allows it's content to be full of shitty, fucked course language but did not (at the time) allow for comments to include any vulgarity, which resulted in me getting banned. Three times. 

Times have changed. Jim has culled me from his Facebook friends list, where once I was the guy who nearly got hired by Destructoid to work with them officially in Australia. The story is probably quite familiar with the staff at the time. A guy that could have jumped on board with his favourite website covering his favourite interactive medium. I had been working with friends to do an unofficial Destructoid exclusive podcast for Australia, do group blogs reviewing music with the Stereotoid boys and exchanging ideas with Niero, oh and Hamza also asked me nicely to change my avatar at the time; a close up shot of an actual hair encrusted arse hole (I felt it summed me up well). It wasn't a photo my arsehole though. I may be a blogger but I don't stick a camera an inch away from my anus, take a photo and check to see if I got the sphincter in frame, centred and in the right light.

But yeah, I got picked up by Destructoid a while ago to write for them, officially. I fucked that one up because some lads running a website database for game cheats and walkthroughs got in touch with Destructoid via email. Asked if they'd like to team up, join forces and rule the world... something along those lines. Unfortunately the email got sent through to all the staff writers and contributors as well (me being one of them), to which I took it upon myself to speak on behalf of most people who enjoy games without having them spoilt or ruined. This was before Dark Souls existed so I was pretty petty about the whole thing. In the email I sent back, I went on to explain how cheats and walkthroughs had shat on my gaming experiences and I used Turok 2 on the N64 as an example. Back in 99 my friend and I battled weeks to get through each level until Hyper magazine released the cheat codes. After that we were finished and bored of the game before the day ended... except for using the cerebral bore. I then went on to say that I don't really respect what they do and that gaming would probably be better off without them. You can imagine this shit didn't really float well with the guys. I honestly thought the email was a spam request that Destructoid must have gotten dozens of a day. Obviously I was wrong but fuck it, we're all wrong some times.

Since stopping my blogs here quite some time ago, I went on to write for a number of publications and websites. All had either crashed out or been shit to start with and never grew much from that. I guess you could say my writing skills reflect that, for which I write for but it's hard to write honestly when you're told what to write and how to write it. I came back a year or so later to check up on dtoid to see the liking and commenting section had been revamped and because of this, all the original comments from before the revamp got wiped. May not be a big deal for many people but half the reason somebody writes something is to see what it engages within others. Pretty sure half the people I spoke to on Destructoid, I met through doing that. Blogging and responding. 

I have no idea why I'm writing this. Just thought I'd come back to see if anybody remembers good ol' Mr shit starter. If so, I may just have to write something else again some time. If not, then the least I can do is say sorry to the Dtoid boys for fucking with the mix and not carrying through where I probably could have. I won't suck your dicks too much though since I've already stated 10 reasons why Destuctoid should have sex with your mother. Love ya, guys. 

P.S - I has a beard now.
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