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Drakengard 3: Info on the New Story DLCs and the Manga

I've made a bunch more blog posts about the recent news regarding Drakengard 3, so for anyone interested in reading my full coverage, please head over to my site on drakengard-3.com!


Here痴 a my recap from the Nico Nico Live Broadcast #7!!
As with anything on these pages, please read at your own risk! Spoilers may be within!!

** EDIT: Be sure to check out the full broadcast, now available on YouTube by Flying Wonkey! Thank you!! **

The broadcast started out rather awkward with the three hosts Hirohashi Ryo, Aoi Eir, and Matsushita Tadatsugu from Dengeki talking like normal without really giving much regard to the start of the broadcastwith no sign of producer Shiba Takamasa in sight Until the camera panned over to the cracked-open door! He was just standing there, listening He later talked about why he was a few minutes late and why they started the broadcast out that way but I missed the details. Sorry! It was pretty funny how they kept panning over to him inching closer and closer to everyone at the table. He was shown sitting on the floor in traditional seiza form at one point, too. haha

The first main topic of discussion was player responses mainly complaints. The most common complaints about the game were the following:

* It was too difficult.
* Loading time took too long.
* DOD3 was too different from previous DOD titles.

Although I completely agree with the people saying that the game was overall too difficult but I agree that it likewise wouldn稚 have been good for it to be too easy either. There have been many people saying that the game was TOO EASYand to those people, I am completely envious. I don稚 believe it is within my skill range to even clear the Platinum Trophy. :(

This is a photo of Producer Shiba Takamasa looking serious at some point during the broadcast... probably when he was discussing the somewhat negative feedback from gamers who have played DOD3.

Before getting into the details of the DLCs, we were able to see an exclusive uncensored version of a cut-scene that takes place at the end of Chapter 1. This is not in any way related to the DLCs, so unfortunately there is no way to actually see this version of the cut-scene within the game.

Next was a long segment detailing on the new DLCs that will be coming out weekly starting this Thursday with One & Two痴 DLCs. They also announced that Two痴 chapter will be FREE as a trial DLC until March 13th!

To better show what the DLCs will be like, they showed several video clips of both specially made trailers and realtime footage of the gameplay (check my videos until Wonky Monkey posts his HQ videos!).

First we were shown a really nice trailer that gave is a quick and simple view of what to expect from the various DLCs. It looks like we will certainly be able to get a deeper understanding into the sister痴 personality and backstory.

During the short clip of One痴 chapter, we can see that her younger brother One will fight alongside her, not against like I had previously stated.

The third video clip shows more of One痴 gameplay as well as a first look at Gabriellaand his/her voice!! It is *VERY* different than what I had expected Gabriella to sound like!! xD

Next they talked a little bit about Zero and Mikhail making an appearance in the card arcade game "Lord of Vermilion 3: Ark-cell" which will be out on March 27th!

The illustration of Zero was done by DOD character designer Fujisaka Kimihiko and Mikhail was done by Takagi Masafumi.

Moving on to news about the comic series, the 2nd volumes of both Utahime Five and Shi ni Itaru Aka will be released on April 25th and can be pre-ordered via online shops like Amazon. They expect the next volume to be sold out like before as well, so pre-order your copy today!! To commemorate the release of the 2nd volume of the comic, they will be having a lottery for more cute cell phone straps like before, but this time it will be of Two and Three!! If they will be doing this for every new release of a book I really, really hope they will sell this as a whole in the end!!! They would be absolutely awesome to collect!!

Next, they touched briefly on the Complete Guide Book that will be released on April 10th (my birthday!! YAY!). I believe they said that it will be 256 pages long, but it seems kind of short compared to the other DOD Complete Guide Books Hmm. I guess that痴 why we have the 10th Anniversary goodies!! <3 We were shown several sample pages from the book as well as a couple pieces of art that were made by fans, which will also appear in the complete guide! :D There are many, many talented artists out there making awesome DOD fan art!! :D

Then the talked a little bit about the mysterious 泥OD 1.3 game idea that was dropped a month or so ago and it seems like it will be yet another novel written by Eishima Jun and others!?

There was also a segment of the broadcast where Aoi Eir gave the audience another keyword to type in the comments to be eligible to win a copy of the soundtrack, signed by the four of them. It was one of Octa's classic lines toward the very end of the game.

Lastly, Aoi Eir introduced her latest album AUBE once again reminding us that the complete music video for 適uroi Uta appears on the DVD that comes with the album! :D She will also be having more concerts around Japan in March and April!

So, that痴 the majority of the broadcast tonight! The main event was obviously about the new DLCs that will be coming out this week! I will be watching the video again and taking more notes and adding photos from it, too. <3

And here are some updated video clips from the broadcast:

Censored Scene

Official Trailer for the new Story DLCs:

One痴 DLC Preview

The Full Broadcast on YouTube by Flying Wonkey!


I've already completed much of the new DLCs (just need to level up One & Two to their max level: 10). Here are the chapter, verse, and stanza titles from the first two chapters of the new story DLCs that were just released for One and Two. I've also included some crap videos that I took while playing through the story chapters.

Please note that these are my translations and therefore are not official. :)

Also, please be aware that these DLCs are not accessible until you complete Branch A of the game, so there may be spoilers below. This is your warning!!

NOTE: Each chapter number refers to each corresponding character of that name. Chapter One is One痴 chapter and Chapter Two is Two痴 chapter, etc.

Chapter One, Verse 1 - November 4, 998
1st Stanza: The Utahime of Reason
2nd Stanza: Childish Blind Faith

Chapter One, Verse 2 - August 1, 998
1st Stanza: The Journey of Liberation
2nd Stanza: Peace and Violence

Chapter One, Verse 3 - August 14, 998
1st Stanza: Reunion
2nd Stanza: Understanding
3rd Stanza: Protection

Chapter One, Verse 4 - August 18, 998
1st Stanza: The Anticipated Trial
2nd Stanza: Zero
3rd Stanza: The Silence of the Night

Chapter One - Graphics Glitch Gremlin - Water Wings

Chapter Two, Verse 1 April 14, 999
1st Stanza: The Affectionate Utahime
2nd Stanza: The Love Birds

Chapter Two, Verse 2 - April 18, 999
1st Stanza: A Tender Moment
2nd Stanza: A Beloved Moment
3rd Stanza: A Peaceful Moment
4th Stanza: The Touch of Affection

Chapter Two, Verse 3 - April 25, 999
1st Stanza: A Predestined Love
2nd Stanza: The Omen
3rd Stanza: Trembling

Chapter Two, Verse 4 - April 25, 999 (Same Day)
1st Stanza: Growing Unease
2nd Stanza: A Shattered Sound
3rd Stanza: Together Forever


Drakengard English Manga Update

There have been several chapters of both mangas available for some time now, but there has been little coverage on the Utahime Five manga. I recently worked on the first chapter of that one until I found someone had already done chapter 2. Since it took me such a long time to complete, I don稚 want to work on something that has previously been done. This is mostly why you won稚 find all chapters on my site. There had previously been only chapters 1-5 available for Shi ni Itaru Aka, which I why I only worked on the later chapters but another manga group completed chapters 6 and 7, so it may be better to check those versions out since I知 an amateur, one-person translation and production team. lol

Anyway, since it痴 difficult for my site to load in Google searches for some reason, here are the chapters that I致e worked on thus far. I just completed the newest chapter of Shi ni Itaru Aka, Chapter 16 last night.


You should be pretty safe reading through Utahime Five since those events were said to have occurred before the events in DOD3, but since Shi ni Itaru Aka takes place after the events from the first ending of the game, it may be wise to *at least* not read past Chapter 12. But if you池e a spoiler whore like me, have at it! The end of Chapter 16 is seriously awesome!!

Utahime Five: Chapters 1 and 9

Shi ni Itaru Aka: Chapters 6-9, 13-16


All of this information and more can also be found on my main blog on drakengard-3.com!
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