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Why I am done with Blizzard.

I wrote a comment the other day in response to the new Diablo 3 patch, where I vented my feelings on why I won't be giving Diablo 3 another chance, along with maybe the whole blizzard library. it was rather long so I am going to expand on it a little.

Blizzard I feel like is burning its bridges, but not for its current titles but for its IP in general. I had always bought Blizzards games knowing that they had a commitment to quality, and the community surrounding them was always amazing. But after all is said and done, I won't be returning to Diablo 3. 

You know, I would be inclined to give this game another chance, if it didn't, firstly run like shit when my connection hiccuped, or cut me out whenever they had server problems, and secondly if they hadn't been so arrogant in their defense of the terrible online features and blatant auction house features.

You know what the problem is with these games for me is that it isn't bad enough that they are putting terrible installments into other wise classic series (this goes for dungeon keeper, Simcity, etc); they insist on defending them in the most callous and arrogant way possible, alienating those who would like to play but can't and then insulting them, while harassing those who do play.

There was a quote from a blizzard rep a few months ago where he said that if you don't have strong connectivity then Diablo 3 isn't for you, and Diablo 2 should have been that way too. Well thank you jerk wad! Now i don't want to play D2 ever again, and the word Blizzard is now synonymous arrogant. It's a crying shame that this company has seemed like a hollow shell of its former self lately, but its truly devastating for them to keep insisting that they would have been this way from the beginning if they could have.

Blizzard is now a chapter in my life I will put behind me. Congratulations Blizzard, I now have to apologize to George Lucas for anything I've ever said about the newer trilogy; at least in that case it was just the story that rubbed me the wrong way. Blizzard on the other hand has rendered not one but 3 once-beloved franchises almost wholly unplayable.

And to add to that, I would say that its not just them, its this new habit among western publishers to defend their intrusive DRM and consumer bashing business practices by implying that they would have been doing these things all along had the technology allowed them. 

Is the strategy really supposed to be, oh you would have had that always online DRM requirement before so I guess I should be accepting when you do it now? I am just supposed to retroactively like micro transactions because you would have loved to included them in the original? Because they would have been a part of the thing I love, I am now supposed to not hate these features? Diablo 3 is not shit because of what it borrowed from Diablo 2 but the other way around; It is shit because it's a simple game that is now, thanks to these current additions, less stable, less fair, and more expensive. 

Square Enix, still has a cult following for Final Fantasy because despite all the Spin Off's, updates and ports, they have never implied that Final Fantasy 7 would be better with micro transactions and a persistent online connection. When they release Final Fantasy 6 on iOS, I can play it like I did the old game. 

Sure Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is a blatant cash grab, but SE never tried to defend it by saying that's how Final Fantasy should have been all along, we just couldn't get away with it back then. 

Blizzard has made me now not want to play older titles, or buy future games that they create. I will not be harassed and then subsequently talked down to for not liking the blatant trampling of my child hood. 

Blizzard I wash my hands of you.
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