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Grethiwha�s GOTY 2013 Extravaganza!

I know what you�re thinking: Isn�t it a little early to list off the best games of 2013? And if you�re not thinking that� think about it! I mean, the Oscars haven�t even happened yet: those people haven�t necessarily had a chance to see all the nominated films yet, and they actually have some professional obligation to do so. I don�t, and videogames are so much harder to get through besides! So you�re right, it is too early, and I haven�t had a chance to play all the 2013 games I�m interested in yet, but goddamnit I�ve started playing 2014 games and I don�t know when I�m gonna get around to buying stupid Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Rising and I wanna make this goddamn list already so fuck off!

Er, anyway, 2013 was a ridiculously great year for videogames. So much good stuff! All ten of these games are A-level wonderful, wonderful games. To say nothing of what I left off � so much great stuff � including Pok�mon X which is possibly the best Pok�mon game ever because you can catch a Farfetch�d two hours in.

2014 on the other hand looks a bit dreary by comparison I must admit. But there are some interesting games coming. Since I still haven�t done my most anticipated games of the year list yet either, I�ll try to mix them in with this list. That�s like two lists you�re getting! You lucky dogs. And, as a bonus, howzabout I throw some other random 2013 �awards� in as well? I�ve just changed the title of this blog from �Spectacular� to �Extravaganza�.

Most Anticipated! #10! Shovel Knight!

The Wonderful 101 is the best game on the Wii U, it�s the best action game I�ve ever played, it�s breathlessly paced, funny, spectacular and visually gorgeous, it�s a totally unique combat system that only gets better and better as you get better at it, it�s a complete game experience, huge yet so full of little details, and just when you think it can�t possibly feel climactic in the wake of what came before, my god, that ending� What more can I say about The Wonderful 101, I feel like I�ve said it all before. Just buy it, if you have a Wii U and like cool videogames. It�s everything I want the Wii U to be about, and it�s freaking awesome.

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