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SSV: First Meeting with a Nintendrone

Something, Something, Videogame: First Meeting with a Nintendrone

What do you know, those mountains of people you see in the internet, some of which existence is an unfathomable parody, do in fact exist. Where I live, I have met the dude-bro crowd, who in Saudi Arabia are somewhat different than in the states. Main difference being they actually understand what the-terrorists in COD say when they throw a bomb or something.

It is understandable that the dude-bro crowd is ubiquitous outside of the internet, as the laws of inverse relations would suggest that the fewer dude-bros you see online, the more of them you see offline.

However, I never had the misfortune of meeting real-life fanboys. The emphasis on the "boys" here, as fans (despite some asshats fuming at the thought of fans of videogame companies) are rather a jolly lot. No, fans we all are, even us who are fans of misery, but the other set fans. The darke ridiculous set, that fumes at Sarkesian, waxes poetical over the death of so and so company, that is rare to see in the real world.

Until the other day when I met a Nintendrone for the first time in my life. Perhaps I wouldn't have known he was a Nintendrone if I wasn't there buying Tropical Freeze. Perhaps I would have went out of the store into my merry oblivious way if he did realize I was, in some ways, a Nintendo fan. My theory is, the Xbots, the drones, and the Sony equivalent, do not show themselves to those who are not fans of their respective fandom. The inter-webs is for combat, but the real life is for recruitment and cerebral circle jerking.

This is not a specific blog about the infamous drones, but a blog about a specific type of fan that for some reason or another abandoned all reason and became a fanboy.

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