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Digital prices are such a rip off - on Xbox Live

The other day I was checking out new releases on the Xbox Live on demand list, and to my surprise Final Fantasy 13-3 Lightning Returns was available, Day 1, digital release.

I was very impressed to see that, first time I have seen it myself. Then I saw the price.
59.99 CAD. I thought that seemed quite high considering it was a digital copy, so I went out to the Wal-mart.

I picked up the game for 59.96 CAD at Wal-mart. Less than the digital price.

Other than pure greed, I have no idea why the digital price is higher than the retail.
The retail copy had to be manufactured, the game disc, the case, the booklet. It had to be transported from a factory to a distributer (or a store) and then to a store. The store has to pay employees, and all this extra bit is why the game costs the prices they do, in stores. ALSO, as a retail disc copy, it has re-sale value (up to $30 right now probably).

Why is it 3 cents more expensive as a digital copy? There is no physical production costs, no transportation, stocking or employee fees.. You can't re-sell it if you buy it digitally.
What are these fools thinking? I am guessing just about the dollars.

Imagine though, if it was 49.99, or even 44.99 for sale digitally, day 1, and 59.99 retail.
They would sell A LOT more digital versions because people would save money right away. They would still make profit because all the middle man stuff is gone. The customer could not sell their digital version, meaning there will be MORE games sold rather than less. It would use bandwidth however on the companies server, but that would cost them 1 or 2 pennies.

With far fewer physical versions out in circulation, that means far less to be re-sold second hand, meaning more money coming to them.

While impressed by seeing a day 1 digital release, I am sure still wondering when they are going to wake up to how greedy they are being.
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anyways, I am a real big time gamer and like to try all games (except for sports because well.. sports are weak).
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