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The Past: Blow, Pray, and Blow Again

If You Don't First Succeed, Blow and Blow Again:

If you think about it, a number of conclusions can be drawn from the simple act of blowing in cartridges for them to work kids in the 80's universally did. It was such a simple fix, little Johnny didn't have to get an adult to blow on the cartridge for it to work, no visit to the local electronics store for the store manager to try the same thing you would do at home. Anyone could blow on the cartridge for it to work, and if it doesn't the first time, try and try again. True, some kids had better technique than others, and we all knew this one guy with the holy breath who would blow once and the game would work. Nonetheless, it was the first order of businesses when a game doesn't work, and it was a shared instinct between gamers of all countries and ages. Contrast that with little Johnny's first encounter with his YLOD PS3 or RROD 360, and you get a glimpse of the difference.

Thank you for reading

P.S: Apparently, Googling "playing alone" in google gets you a women masturbating as one of the first images :silly:
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