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So I hear you like free games

So I was browsing the Dtoid blogs this morning when I came upon a blog by one Opium Herz who is giving free games from the likes of humble bundle and such. This wonderful act of generosity reminded me that I too have games from the humble bundle that I either already have or will probably never get around to playing. So continuing this wonder of giving I am going to give away free STEAM KEYS for the following games.

Trine 2:Complete Story, Eets Munchies, Brutal Legend, Rocket Birds:Hardboiled Chicken, A Virus Named Tom, Limbo, and Bastion.

The conditions to win a game are simple.

1. Leave something in the comments below that you feel is worthy of a prize (funny comment, video, picture, human souls, legally binding servitude contracts, etc.)

2. Make sure to include the game that you wish to receive.

3. Only ONE GAME will be given per person.

4. I will be checking in throughout the week and games are limited so be sure to act fast.

5. Winners will be sent their steam keys via Private Message.

6. Red titles mean they have already been given

Good luck to you all and have a Kratosriffic day.

EDIT: I think my editing of the blog earlier put it back into hidden for some reason sorry about that.
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