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If a game isn't a game, the story needs to be worthwhile


Gameplay that's compelling in and of itself has always been a draw for me, story be damned. It's rare that I can say story is a draw for me over gameplay, but I have continued to subject myself to experiments with interactive story telling anyway. After suffering through Dinner Date and Dear Esther, I am glad to have finally experienced something truly special in Gone Home. The story itself and the way it is presented are masterful. While the plot and setting are very atypical of video games, they are certainly worthy of being presented in an interactive format. In fact, I don't think this story would have been nearly as effective in a non-interactive medium. As a piece of interactive media, it let's the player explore the environment and experience the story at their own pace while gradually learning more about the characters. It also lets me drop family photos into toilets if I feel like it.
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