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Raging Chart On: Psuedo Random Distribution

I was going to ask a friend of mine if he thought that today�s topic would be interesting, then I remembered that interesting is highly subjective. �Many people couldn�t care less about how and why a game works than if a game is fun or not. �I am not one of those people. �Once I get hooked into a game, I want to get an understanding of each of the systems behind it, and today I decided to indulge that curiosity as it applies to Psuedo Random Distribution, or PRD for short.

This chart shows the cumulative chance to proc by the Nth attack (instead of on the Nth attack), and is mostly included because I thought it looked cool. �Here the inflection point is at about the 12th observation. �Up until that point, your odds are actually better of procing the ability with random distribution, but after that, the PRD is better. �

Now with all the numbers out of the way, it all becomes a question of philosophy. �From the perspective of a designer, I think it is a really cool idea that makes it so that chance has less to do with the game than it would otherwise. �As a player though? �I don�t think I like it anymore. �It feels like it negates the effect until the item has �warmed up� a bit. �After I see the ability, I know I have a much longer wait than I should to see it again, even though it is for the intention of being fair. �

Finally, this is just one method of creating a psuedo random distribution. �The numbers can be changed in pretty much any way that you want to as long as you create a system that has the same EV score. �For instance, 100% of activating on the10th attack would produce the same results, but is obviously less desirable in a competitive scene, as you can prime it with 9 previous attacks. �You could even weight it so it is more likely to happen between attacks 1 through 5, then through attacks 15-20 if you really wanted to. �Is that a good idea? �No. �But its the same outcome, and that�s what really matters. �So what are your thoughts? �Totally lost? �Intrigued? �Angry? �Suspiciously aroused?
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