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Community Interviews: In Meowmoriam

Today, I was supposed to publish the interview with Marche100. �Unfortunately, I will not be able to, as I have not been able to finish his (or other) people's interviews over the past few weeks, as the hits in my personal life just won't stop coming.

Last week, it was taking care of my two-year-old daughter, who had to visit the hospital due to her being sick with the flu. �After nursing her back to health and working my normal job for five days straight (because my pregnant wife was forbidden from taking care of her - weakened immune system carried extreme risk to her and the baby), I was able to get back to some semblance of even keel. �I just wanted to get back to my life, catch up on work that had started to pile up, and get back to publishing interviews.

Well, my Wednesday just consisted of having to say goodbye to my wife's cat of fourteen years. �She predated yours truly in my wife's life. �She was a sweet, affable cat...who had started to develop health problems of a very, very unsanitary nature (again, the kind of shit [literally] that would pose extreme health risks to my wife and both of my kids). �It's been something we've been fighting against for years, and took a turn for the worst-beyond-worst last weekend. �It came to a head early yesterday afternoon, and as such, my day has involved being the strong one in the family in the wake of the aftermath of what I had the duty to fulfill this morning.

Well, my daughter didn't really need the parental strength, but that's another story for another time. �It was pretty funny, and definitely provided relief to our day, comic and otherwise.

However, my wife is taking it hard. �Really hard. �She just lost her best animal friend, a companion she's had since college, and a truly irreplaceable family member. �As such, I haven't been able to finish the interviews that have been planned. �I'm hoping to get this back on track for next week, and I'm really sorry about not keeping my (admittedly self-imposed) promise of getting these things out on time. �

I will try to get this ball rolling ASAP, but in the meantime, I'll just ask that if you have pets you love - snuggle up with them tonight. �Give them an extra treat. �Let them sleep in the bed. �And enjoy the company, the quiet camaraderie and the unconditional love your animal has for you, because that one day you dread will eventually arrive, and the feeling of loss can be profoundly overwhelming.

Sorry for ending on such a serious down note. �I'll see you next week. �- EL

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