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Impressions: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Demo

So I am writing this post as I found myself doing something yesterday that I thought I would never do again. I played a FF XIII game, more specifically the FF XIII Lightning Returns demo that dropped on PSN. Now I surprised myself by doing this as the original FF XIII was one of the worst RPGs that I had ever had the displeasure of playing. This in result had me skipping over FF XIII-2 when that came out shortly after the original. So as you can guess my opinion of the FF XIII series is not a favorable one. Yet with this newest entry I have found a few things that have piqued my interest.
(To be fair if Lightning crashed your party you would probably be a little pissed too)             

All of the actions in battle like hitting and enemy and using magic take away from the action gauge. When you use the gauge you can then switch to another costume that has a full gauge and use that while the other costume’s gauge recharges. So you will want to pick three different outfits that all have different abilities to deal with different situations, but also can complement each others attacks and skills to do some serious damage. So I cleared out the first three enemies and continued on my way.
While from what I have seen the main world of Lightning returns seems to be a decent size with some exploration, the demo is sadly very linear and reminded me of those early hours of FF XIII that were literally point A to point B. Also if you do not like the character Hope then I have bad news for you as he will constantly be chatting away at Lighting through the whole demo (at least he doesn’t sound as whiny as the first XIII game). So after you run down some hallways and fight some more monsters you encounter a boss fight.

(Ladies and Gentlemen behold this dramatic reenactment of playing Final Fantasy 13)

The fight was sadly disappointing as the boss was more or less like the other enemies I had been fighting on the way to him, just with more power and HP. This brings up my main problem with the combat because while you can be moving around and doing multiple combos the enemies kind of just sit there and take the hits, occasionally remembering to try and hit you. Then shortly after the fight Lightning finds a locked door that Snow is behind, but she cannot get through and has to leave him for now, thus ending the demo.

Overall I have to say that the demo was pretty average overall. The combat system was kind of fun to mess around with, but everything else was kind of dull and only reminded me why I did not follow the FF XIII games. Overall it did not wow me or get me too interested in the game, but it might be something I look into for a rental if I have nothing better to do for a week.
So what do you think of this demo Dtoid? Did it impress you and get you excited for the game or did it do the opposite and make you less interested in it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and till next time you stay classy Dtoid.
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