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Unearthed is the Worst Game You'll Play All Year, But You Should Totally Play It


Secondly, even with everything going to shit right from the get-go, you can tell that a ton of love went into producing the game. It boasts a whopping 21 languages of subtitles and voice-over to choose from, and you can really feel the enthusiasm the creators have for the Islamic world, culture, and history, even if they try a little too hard to make you love it too. Itís just great to see them having so much fun in creating their game world, which makes it a little sad that it obviously doesnít translate to the game being any good. Still, I found myself greatly appreciating the game itself and the tiny development teamís effort regardless of how Ďgoodí the final product may have ended up.

Lastly, and this is likely the most important point, is that this game represents the first major effort from serious gamers in the Islamic world to get a gaming industry off the ground in that culture and society. Games are great in that they can bring people together from all walks of life to share stories and experiences in ways no other medium can, and restricting that to a western-centric world will only stifle the evolution and growth of the artistic medium. Having more voices and perspectives feeding into the industry and community can only be a good thing, just as it has been for film and literature. I personally have nothing but respect for these guys in attempting to do this entirely on their own. Who cares if their first game is total crap!? They probably tried harder in developing it than most people will ever try at anything in their entire lives! Get them some money and support so they can build up their industry and - for Godís sake - actually become skilled at game development.

The game is $4 on Steam right now, and for that you get three hours of awesome gaming. Take it from me. Go download the game on Steam, grab a beer, and strap yourself in for this Kafka-esque disaster of game design, because itís a damn bumpy ride.

(Mr.Popadopoulis is a writer and editor for the fledgling gaming blog site Gaming Death, where he goes by the name Kaleb Medel. You can find this article and others by Mr.Popadopoulis and his friends on the original site. Check us out!)
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