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Re: Hardware Hardship

A few weeks ago, I posted a response to a fellow gamer's blog onSpine Onlineon the perception of female gamers today. While I understand what she was trying to say, I argued that her post was amyopicviewpoint on an ultimatelydatedissue. However, the biggest point of contention I had with her blog was with her very first post, "Hardware Hardship."

What's worse than trying to promote a blog that goes to bat against the ways "we" judge a gamer? How about making a blog that generalizes these "rules," coyly draws passages froma work that doesn't even exist, gets one of these generalizationscompletely wrong, anduses a comic completely out of context to make a point.

Before you think I'm being harsh on some teenage blogger from high school, realize that this is the work of a28 year-old college student promoting a journalism blog to further a career. A blog she posted that's open for everyone on the internet to see.

A blog I just happen to disagree with.

In response to Wren Guilmain's blog "Hardware Hardship" onSpine Onlinefound here:http://spineonline.ca/wren-guilmain/2013/9/24/the-cost-of-cred

Most gamers you see talking on websites or chatting online orspeaking in real lifedon't make it a point to own every console - the average person usually sticks toonebrand and maybe, if they can afford it, buy a second console sometime down the road. Even then, whywouldyou buy more than one console? The vast majority of games can be found on nearly all the major consoles at the same time. The make-or-break point of which console you own depends mostly on the exclusives; you can't getHaloon Playstation, you can't playGod of Waron the XBox, and you only get to catchPokemonon Nintendo's machines.

The actual problem arises from vocalizingover the internetwhat consoles you own. Depending on where you go, you'll get a very wide range of results ranging from "i like playing the wii, love playing smash bros" to "the wii is a joke, only grannies and kids play it." Fanboys/Fangirls exist because they subscribe to the brand (Nintendo fanboys, Sega fanboys, Sony fanboys, etc.) to justify their purchases and to fulfill the need to belong with like-minded people. THESE are the people screaming about, spewing garbage about why their console is the best, insulting and arguing with everyone, and otherwise acting like spoiled children.

In fact, I doubt that theseconsolefanboys/fangirls would even exist if they had the opportunity to owneveryconsole or, barring that, if every game was available ononeconsole.

Whataboutthose who own every console? Does that make them more of a gamer than you or I?Of course not. Realistically, it means they (or their parents) had lots of money to burn, but I think we can all agree that a gamer issomebody who spends their leisure time playing games- nothing said about "what" games or "how many," but that they playgamesas a means of enjoyment.

It certainly helps, however, to foster a more open mind to the many different games and genres out there on the market by owning all the major consoles, because then there's no risk ofblind fealtyto any particular brand and you're able to try any game you want with the console-exclusive barrier-of-entry completely removed. But good luck actually affording them all, let alone all the games you want with each.

And that's just it: you don't hear people saying they're "real gamers" because they own every console, but that they're "real gamers" for owning a Playstationoran XBoxora Wii. They can't afford them all, so they stick to one brand and proclaim it's the best thing ever, because they want to validate their purchase by any means necessary, as well as join with like-minded individuals who also seek validation for their purchases. Even then, for those occasional few that brag about owning every gaming device on the market, the usual response is either "cool story, bro" or "nerd."

"But what about that comic that was posted? The one with the Zelda-fairy and that cat?"

Context helps.

If you read "The GaMERCaT" (great comic BTW, wished it updated more frequently), you'll know that Annoying Fairy (styled after the infamousNavifromThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) does everything in her power to try to get GaMERCat (and eventually, Glitch) to buy stuff. Not only does she play the role of the smart aleck and trickster in the comics, she also serves as a parody to the nature in which many businesses goad you into buying superfluous products (DoritosandMountain Dewwith bonus experience-point multipliers, I'm looking at you).

In the case of that comic shown, Annoying Fairy was just manipulating Glitch into trying to spend more money on things he didn't need. Considering Glitch is new to the gaming scene and is very naive, this leaves him wide open for her trickery. This isn't some commentary on some popular trend of gamers berating others for not owning gaming device, but yet another ploy by Annoying Fairy to coerce others (read: you) to buy into the game industry's schemes of having to buyeverythingto get the most out of gaming -something you actually don't need to do to have fun, much to the industry's chagrin.


Soon after the responses came pouring into her blog, she decided to delete the entire comment section. Perhaps she was trying to save face in front of her peers; however, she didn't even respond to any of the comments that were made, let alone refute any of my claims.

That's fine. However, Iwill not tolerate wannabe journalists manipulating sources and pulling out passages from non-existent works to prove a point.
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