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8 game series challenge: Kirby review


Kirby is a series I never really played before, I mean I know I have played it as a kid, but I just didn't like it when I was younger. There was just something about it being to easy, mixed with a lot of bad experiences with it. I suppose it was because I felt it was tedious busy work over actually being a fun game, but once I actually started playing the series without my original thoughts about it, I actually enjoyed it. I'm sure its a little more obvious for some people, but I never really relax with a lot of games, and Kirby is just that series that you just need to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. While the majority of Kirby games are like this, some of the ones that spin off from the original formula require you to really be open to new experiences with Kirby. I suppose, Kirby is just a series that really makes you open up as a person and introduces you to as many things as you like. It's a series to just enjoy and I think thatís what makes it really great as a series, but a lot of the games aren't exactly that great though. While Crystal Shard and Return to Dreamland certainly stand out in my mind as THE Kirby games to play, the majority of Kirby is fairly the same repetitive enjoyment throughout. Dreamland 3 in particular feels very tedious as a game and it really just takes to long to really get to the point. What makes Dreamland 3 the most annoying though is that a lot of the levels look amazing, but the game is just too slow to really get anywhere. The majority of the other Kirby games can be fast paced if you wanted them to, but Dreamland 3 is just a constant crawl to the next level and it just ends up making it very boring. I mention Dreamland 3 a lot because honestly its the only Kirby game I feel is the weakest. While a lot of these games are pretty much the same, they all are still very enjoyable. Whats even more interesting though is that a lot of the games that deviate from the original formula still very much feels like a kirby game. Epic yarn and Mass Attack are very big examples of what makes Kirby games Kirby without the original mechanic. Basically what I'm trying to say is that Kirby is a great series, and virtually speaking you can put him in nearly any kind of scenario and make it fun.

What I want the next game to be like?

I just want Crystal Shards ability to combine abilities to return. While Return to Dreamland pretty much has Kirby the way I want it, combining abilities would have really made it tops. The new 3DS game looks good so far and really I can't say there is much else I want out of Kirby.†

Series ranked

Kirby 64: Crystal Shard > Kirby's Return to Dreamland > Kirby Squeak Squad > Kirby's Dream Collection / New challenges > Kirby Mass Attack > Kirby Super Star > Kirby's Adventure > Kirby's Epic Yarn > Kirby's Dreamland 2 > Kirby's Dreamland >= Kirby & the Amazing Mirror > Kirby Canvas Curve > Kirby's Dreamland 3

Games Omitted:

Kirby Super Star Ultra: Its a remake on the DS with only a couple more add ons. The way I figure it I already played the game with the SNES counterpart.†

Nightmare in Dreamland: Same as above. Its a remake that doesnt add too much to really consider it worth adding to the list.

Kirby Air ride: Technically its not apart of the main series, and its surprisingly hard to get a copy of it for a price I want. Mind you I will still be on the look out, but this is perhaps the best spin off Kirby game out there, or at least that the majority of people enjoy.

And the rest of the spinoff games:
Mainly didn't play them because they didn't have much to actually beat, aside from highscores. The rest of the games were just Kirbified versions of mini type games like Pinball, golf, and that one game with the ball being knocked into those blocks.

Kirby's Dream Land Ė date beat 3/10/13


When I was younger I used to play this game and its sequel quite a bit. Enough to have the nostalgia flow back into me when I was playing it, but not enough to say that I actually remembered it. I remember always giving up when I got to the cloud boss because he seemed too hard at the time, course when I play it now I realize how easy this game was, and was a bit disappointed that my younger self had actually gotten quite close to the final boss before. Thankfully enough, my older self is well equipped with beating this game, and I pretty much beat it with in an hoursí time. Honestly I was quite surprised that I was able to do such a thing. I did buy the Dream Collection so I have a more reliable way to play these older Kirby games, but I really didn't imagine I'd start knocking out these games so fast.

Kirby's Dream Land was quite enjoyable, but fairly easy as well. Dream Land provided to be a very simplistic game, even by Kirby standards, as he couldn't even copy abilities yet. The game had roughly 4 levels and an extra boss rush stage right before the final boss, so it still had some challenge to it, but overall was an easy affair. Dream Land really was just a pure bundle of fun, platforming, and pattern memorizing that I welcome so much more now. The game also has a wonderful, cheery soundtrack that is even more remember-able then the game itself with its upbeat tunes. †The only real downfall to this game is how short and easy it is, but for what itís trying to deliver, it actually works quite well for a small package. While it certainly won't blow anyone away, at the least you'll be walking away with a smile.

Final Thoughts:

While a short ride, Kirby's Dream Land was still a fun, sweet venture. Although I wouldn't say itís a mind blowing experience, itís still a fun game to play, and the music will always be there to remind you of the good times you had with this nice game. † †

Kirby's Adventure ~ Date beat 3/11/13


Having just beat Dream Land I decided to go on to Kirby's Adventure because I wanted to stay on my Kirby high and see how far I can take it. Starting out it really felt like the full fleshed out Kirby experience many have come to love, and more nostalgia came back to me as if I played it before. I think as a child I rent this game when I had a NES and played on other files instead of starting my own. †I was rather young so I didn't quite understand the game as it really isn't too forward about where to go. But having my Kirby high I figure it was time to finally beat this game and boy was I surprised when I pretty much beat it the same day I beat the first one. I suppose Kirby games aren't that long, but I really didnít expect that to happen.

I really don't know what it is about the simplistic NES graphics, but they always get me excited to play any game and with how colorful Kirby's Adventure was it drew me in more. A lot of the game is rather pretty high end on the graphics for a NES game. I mean there are a lot of small cut-scenes, flashy animations, and a lot of really cool power ups. It really is a wonder how far we came when the game itself gets slowed down by just a few amount of enemies on the screen compared to this day and age. And yet I really just liked how it looked and loved the music and sounds. This is pretty much where all the generally remembered Kirby music comes from, butter building specifically. So it really is nice to hear the NES chip-tune version of the song, it really brings you back to the ye olde NES games.

Kirby's adventure adds a lot of new features that the original dream land doesn't have, mainly being able to copy abilities. A lot of the abilities are really cool and can help deal with difficult boss fights and obstacles along the way so the game never gets too challenging, but still provides to be challenging. The addition of mini games adds a nice little break every now and again as a lot of the mini-games are fun to mess around with, and lives being somewhat more precious in Kirby's Adventure make it all the more worth it. †Kirby's adventure also happens to be far longer than the first game, most likely taking somewhere between 6-9hrs to beat compared to Dream Land's 40mins to an hour. †Kirby's Adventure also has a bit more of an understandable story behind it, and has a few surprise twists in the end that make Adventure really remember-able down the road. Overall Kirby's Adventure is just a colorful wonder of bliss and pure joy.

Final Thoughts:

Kirby's Adventure manages to set up Kirby's franchise quite well, with the addition of the copy ability, Kirby was able to set the world on fire and climbed into many gamerís hearts, even mine it seems. While it certainly isn't the greatest game out there, it certainly is a classic, and base that sets up a wonderful series. All around Kirbyís Adventure is a good game that provides a lot of entertainment for anyone.

Kirby's Dream land 2 date beat ~ 3/15/13


As a kid I played this game a lot and remember starting it over and over again, a lot. I don't know what it was, maybe I just didnít understand the save system or I just didn't like my current file. Either way, I remember always getting about half way there and something would happen to make me start all over again. But now thanks to the dream collection, I was finally able to beat this blasted game that haunted my childhood.
To say the least, itís by far an improvement over the first dream land and with the addition of the animals, coped abilities get a bunch of new powers and itís really cool to see how each power affects each animal. The game itself is basically another version of Kirby's adventure but portable and with a different story. Something is wrong in dream land and Kirby plans to stop it, and much like Kirby's adventure there is a dark twist in the end and itís what really makes me love this game over the original. The game sticks true to the Kirby formula; copy abilities, go through a bunch of stages fighting mini-bosses, solve simple puzzles, and eventually fight the boss of the world. Itís not boring per se, but it certainly isn't new, and really the only added ingredient to this game is the addition of animals. †It can get quite challenging getting all the rainbow pieces to get the true ending, but aside from that, the majority of the game is a cakewalk. But really itís just there to have fun and thatís all anyone can really ask for a game, and Kirby delivers it quite well in this venture.

Final Thoughts:

Itís another return to Dream Land with Kirby's Dream Land 2, and while it adds animals to help you along your venture, much of the game is the same as the series everyone has come to known. Sure itís not really new, but not everything needs to be new to be fun, and Dream Land 2 provides enough fun and joy for any Kirby fan to give it a go. Although anyone despising the series will probably just see it as Kirby with animals. †

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror date beat ~ 3/24/13


I am one of the un/lucky individuals that got the 3DS the first day it came out and about 6 months later Nintendo decided it didnít sell well enough and gave a bunch of games for an apology. While itís not exactly a fitting one, it was at least one, and by that apology I got Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. By the time I did actual get this game I didnít care for Kirby at all and by all means didnít really care to try this game. My past Kirby experiences were meh at this point and it wouldnít be a while till I could tolerate playing through this game. And then when I could tolerate this game and playthrough it became rather irritating to me. Then during my 8 game series challenge I played it again because I figure itís time to get into the Kirby series and even though I beat it, I still had problems with it.†

Look I don't have anything against Kirby and the Amazing Mirror per se, but I really hate how they tried to make it metroid-esque. I just really donít think Kirby works well with exploring; just the whole aspect of it becomes a lot more confusing when you constantly use doors to transfer to the next screen. Each of these doors work more like a teleporter, and when you have something like that in an exploration game it makes things even more annoying to play because the door may not lead you exactly where you want to go. Add this in with a simplified map instead of a more detailed one and you get a very annoying game to navigate. †I don't deny that Kirby can work as a metroid-esque game, but the way amazing mirror does it, doesn't work. Itís just like that horrid maze at the end of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, itís just annoying rather than fun. Amazing Mirror turned into something I hated rather than what I came to know Kirby games as, a fun little game where you go stage to stage getting power-ups and fighting mini-bosses. Add in this annoying mix of mazes with a rather shoe-horned co-op and you make me an unhappy gamer.

Now is this to say Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is bad? No, itís just not my cup of tea, and I'd imagine a lot more people would agree with me when I say Kirby was better back the way he was in the NES days. Still, Amazing Mirror isn't a game changer, and the game can still be quite fun, that is if you know where youíre going. The story is rather simplified, but for the way Kirby games always go dark toned in the end I really wish they explain the story more, but with the few cutscenes in there you can piece together whatís happening. The visuals and music are thankfully much of the same of past Kirby games, with Kirby sticking to his guns of cuteness and upbeat music. But Amazing Mirror simply wasnít what I came to know Kirby games as, and for that I just didnít like it.

Final Thoughts:

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror was not a fun game for me, but more so it annoyed me with its confusing metroid-esque gameplay. But this alone doesn't make it a bad game for other players, just a bad experience for me. Still I wish the Amazing Mirror would stick more to the Kirby basics, but for what it does, it does well enough to not damper the Kirby name that most have come to know and appreciate.

Kirby Super Star ~ Date Beat 4/4/13


I would be lying if I didnít say I fell in love with Kirby just a little more after playing this game. While most Kirby games I have played have rather forced co-op, and thereby make me hate it even being there, Super Star co-op just seems right. Ya, its nearly the same in every regard to every other game in the Kirby series, but for some reason Super Star just feels like it needs to have 2 players in order to have a lot of fun. Like it knows that you are going to show this game off to your friends and be like, ďya it has more than 8 games on it, pretty cool uh?Ē This game was just made to show off a bunch of neat little things, while pretty much introducing anybody into the Kirby series. All the games it has on it provide something different and fun, while at the same time keeping everything basically the same. Kirby still sucks on enemies, he still has his powers, and for the most part, a friend can join in on the fun.†

Spring Breeze, for all purposes, is an abridged version of the first Kirby game. While it doesn't have the 3rd stage and boss rush at the end of the game; it does have the copy ability and co-op. Everything else is pretty much the same and just like the game it mimics; Spring Breeze is a very short, but sweet game.

Dyna Blade is another †really short game that could have probably been merged in with another mode, but it stands well on its own nonetheless. There isn't a lot of levels, and its even easier and faster than spring breeze. Overall its another short and easy game, but nothing to write home about.

Gourmet Race is a simple racing game where you race king Dedede to the finish while trying to get as much food as possible. Its a rather decent mode, but its more of a time waster and not nearly as good as the other games that are on here, being only one player, and not lasting as long as either of the above mentioned games.

The Great Cave Offensive is one of the more interesting games within this collection as it provides Kirby with a more exploring style of play much like its spiritual sequel, Amazing Mirror. Basically you and a partner go around a big cave looking for a bunch of treasure and then escape the cave with the loot you found. This mode is certainly more co-op based, and is really a interesting take on the Kirby name. I can certainly see why they wanted to try the exploration gameplay again with Amazing Mirror. Overall its a fun little game as long as you know where you are going.

Revenge of Meta Knight is another interesting game within Super Star as the majority of this game is timed based, leaving players to have high scores on how fast they actually beat the game. The game is basically just faster paced then most Kirby games, so it has more of a sense of Urgency that really isn't presence in most other Kirby games. Although this game is still pretty easy mainly due to only losing a life if the timer reaches zero rather than losing the whole game, which frankly I think would have been a much more suspenseful and fun aspect. Still, its a fun mode, and battling Metaknight again is still pretty cool, especially at the end where you have to flee a exploding ship.

Milky Way Wishes however is the star of the whole package has it pretty much combines everything experienced in this whole game within this game (weird sentence >.>;). Pretty much Milky Way wishes is what I imagination was what Super Star was supposed to be, but it kinda just evolved into a pile of different games. Still though, Milky Way Wishes can easily be its own game, unlike any of the other games with in this collection. But what truly makes Milky Way Wishes awesome and stand out from any other Kirby game is that you pretty much have to find all your copy abilities. Once you find them however, you keep them forever and can select them at any time. This makes for a lot of cool potential puzzle solving as powers are never really lost and you can always have your favorite power with you, that is if you have it. What makes this game even cooler though is the the boss at the end of the game. Marx not only has some really awesome music, but he is pretty awesome for the creepy boss that appears at the end of any given Kirby game.

Arena is pretty much the last thing you unlock, but really its just boss rush mode so nothing else can really be said for that. Although if melee fans ever wanted to know what inspired All Stars Mode, this would be it. As for the last two games I have yet to mention, Samurai Kirby and Megaton Punch, both are just small mini games for 2 players and are just fun little time wasters.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Super Star is a good package of what I assume was a bunch of experimental Kirby games. While the game does hype the fact it has 8 games in one, when it really turns out to be about 4, all the games in it are at least good to some degree, although quite short. But for what these games provide are a lot of fun times with friends with a lot of interesting twists on the old Kirby formula.

Kirby's Dreamland 3 ~ Date Beat 4/21/13


Dreamland 3's formula for Kirby simply doesn't work. Its not so much that Dreamland 3 is a bad game, but its a boring one. While a lot of Kirby games hit you with a lot of levels and abilities to copy, Dreamland 3 just makes this feel tedious. The majority of levels last far too long and overstay their welcome way too often. The only actual seeming improvement of the Kirby formula was the side missions and these often come off as too vague to even get the first time around. Combine this with the longer levels and the tediousness of backtracking, and it really creates a system that just doesn't feel rewarding enough to complete. The additional animals are a nice touch as well, but a lot of the abilities the new animals give just aren't as interesting as the animals that are already established. Co-op is rather lackluster with the 2nd player acting more as a dubious player rather than actually working together with the 1st player. Overall Dreamland 3 brings nothing worthwhile to the table to really shine past other Kirby games. †

Although its not to say that Dreamland 3 doesnt have some charm in it either. Compared to other Kirby games, this is perhaps they most atmospheric Kirby game yet. With the majority of it looking like it was colored in crayon that gives it a Yoshi's Island vibe to it. As well much the music is very calming and relaxing throughout, and if you like that kind of thing, you should like Kirby Dreamland 3. Course a lot of this screams a kids game, and in many ways Dreamland 3 is exactly that and it doesnít try to hide that. Course as usual with most Kirby games, a nightmarish boss and music come to life at the very end turning a cutesy game into quite the creepy showdown.

Final Thoughts:

Dreamland 3 does very little to impress, and a whole lot to make the player bored. While the visuals and music make Dreamland 3 one of the most atmospheric Kirby's yet, the tedious gameplay holds it back. While it may not be a bad game per se; it certainly isn't a good one, with a lot of problems steaming from unnecessary long levels, †vague side-missions, seemingly useless additions, and mindless co-op.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards ~ Date Beat 4/22/13


In all honesty the only reason I bought Kirby's Dream Collection was for this game alone. Even when I didn't like Kirby as much as I did I knew I'd like Crystal Shards. I don't know what it was about it, maybe the fact that you could combine to abilities, or that the game looked rather good when it came out. Whatever it was, I wasn't able to get it at the time and I just never ended up playing till now.†

Crystal Shards is very much like the past Kirby games before it. While it does have a lot of 3D models and environments it really is more of a rouse, Kirby 64 is very much a 2D platformer. Kirby still does the same stuff like copy abilities, jumping, sliding, and hovering, but the main thing that sells this game is the new way to combine abilities. Just something †really exciting to see when you combine two elements to see what you get, it really makes for a more interesting experience. And while I'm sad there is no umbrella this time around, there is at least a lot of cool new abilities like fireworks and lightsaber. I'm also kinda pleased that the game tone down hovering a lot more by giving Kirby a certain amount of times he could actually stay afloat. It provides the game with a much needed challenge, and makes you time your jumps more carefully compared to other Kirby games. Also the levels this time around are fast and to the point, so the game never gets to boring seeing the same background over and over again. The other thing that keeps Crystal Shards more interesting than other Kirby games is finding all the shards throughout the levels. While the levels themselves may be short, finding all the crystal shards is not. A lot of the shards require you to be on your toes and make sure you have the right combination of abilities with you at the time. †Add this in with a few really good hiding places and you get a really crystal shard hunt. And finding each crystal shard really makes completing the level even more satisfying. †

The story for Crystal Shard however is quite non-existent, even for a Kirby game. While the intro explains about a big bad taking over and leaving worlds in darkness, this is almost never mentioned again aside from the first and last world. Much of the cut-scenes are just little visual gags held mostly at Kirby's expense and overall it really just feels like the villain just appears out of nowhere. Graphically the game was a marvel in its day and age, but now it just looks like some sort of beta for a Kirby game. Its still pleasing to the eye oddly enough, given its polygon like charm, but it can really be seen how far the graphics have come when looking at Crystal Shard. Much of the soundtrack also resembles much of Kirby's adventure.

Final Thoughts:

Crystal Shards is a fun little ride that brings a lot of new additions to the table I like. Combining abilities is always fun and interesting to do especially when you can get a light saber, and finding crystal shards is much more fun than completing side missions. The game may not be graphically pleasing, as well as fairly short, but it brings all the wonderful Kirby bliss fans have come to know and love.

Kirby Mass Attack ~ Date Beat 4/26/13


When I first saw Mass Attack I was actually really interested in this game, and this was before I even really liked Kirby. It looked so much like what a Pikmin game would be if it was a platformer, and in general looked like a really fun game. Thankfully when I got it from amazon, it was exactly what I thought it be and actually a lot more too.
I've obviously not been a fan of Kirby till recently, but mass attack I think is what makes me really like the series. Sure Kirby does a lot of gimmicky stuff, but honestly Kirby can pull it off, it just works for him. And seeing a Pikmin-esque platformer is something that I never knew I wanted. Kirby honestly does adapted the Pikmin style of gameplay quite well, and mixes wonderfully with his own universe. Fighting enemies in Kirby games has never really been more satisfying till you beaten them down with 10 Kirbys, and the way puzzles are solved are a lot more inventive then just pressing some buttons like in most Kirby games. †Not to mention there really is always something to do it Mass Attack that can really you put yourself on the edge of your seat. Having to constantly maintain 10 Kirbys at once, directing them where they need to go is always a challenge and getting through any stage with a gold ranking of not getting damaged at all is a real challenge. Then there are medals that need to be collected throughout the levels, sometimes its 3, most of the time its 5, but you always have to be on the look out on where the medals might be and double goes for the rainbow coated ones. Once you collect a certain amount of medals you also unlock a bunch of cool extras, like galleries or subgames. A lot of these sub-games are surprisingly in-depth for an extra thing, and most can actually be beaten like a regular game. In a lot of ways, Mass Attack is a bit of a successor to Super Star having 3 other sub-games to play and 3 mini-games. Personally like the shooter kirby sub game the most, but the pinball and mock rpg kirby games are really fun too.†

Course, Mass Attack isn't without its flaws. For one thing, if you are hoping to keep your DS bottom screen safe, thatís just not going to happen. Mass Attack is a real screen killer, one of the worst I've seen, and I've played a lot of Meteos. This is of course without mentioning the the downside to controlling 10 kirbys at once. There is just a lot of lag when controlling all 10 kirbys, and when you have them all it can be a real disadvantage compared to having 3 or 4. Sometimes the kirbys just don't respond correctly or the platform or area you tap at doesn't let all the kirbys fit snuggly. Grabbing all the kirbys at once is also a handful as most, but not all the kirbys get taken and the one or two left cause a lot of problems with the camera. Which brings me to the next major flaw to this game, the camera. While camera angles have never been an issue in previous kirby games, in this one its a plague. Its not so much that the camera doesnt focus, but it focuses incorrectly. While playing the game and having several kirbys out at once, the camera seems to pick a favorite and stick with it, this leads to a lot of problems when you happen to throw a kirby the wrong way. The camera switches all its focus on to that kirby and you're left wondering how the other kirbys are doing. Worse yet is when you try to backtrack with a †group of kirbys and when you try to move forward again the game only gives you the tinest space to see where you are going, and this can often lead to a kirby or two getting hit or possibly dying. Not to mention that many of the levels can just be very trying and tedious throughout this game. While some levels certainly are shorter, the majority over state there welcome when playing this game for an extensive period of time. Course this usually means to just take a break rather than being a major flaw. While there are certainly are a hand full of flaws with Mass Attack, it still provides enough fun to make them more so annoyances then clear game breaks though, and really it just works out in the end.

Final Thoughts:

Mass Attack is a wonderful new light on the Kirby series, and proves that a pikmin-esque platformer can work. While there are a few flaws with the touch controls lag and camera issues when there are a lot of Kirbys around; Mass Attack still shines through with its robust Kirby throwing/ solving gameplay and medal fetching side-quests. With a bunch of mini-games and a lot of levels to explore, Mass Attack is an excellent and highly replayable addition to the series. †

Kirby: Canvas Curse ~ Date beat 4/28/13


The DS really didn't have a lot of good games during its launch window, so something like Canvas Curse was a life saver to people that bought it early. I personally didnít get to experience †such a drought with this game, but I'd imagine I would have played it a lot if it was the only game for the DS I had. Canvas Curse isnít exactly something I call a great game though. If anything the game is rather average, but with the large amount of content it has on it, it certainly is made to be played a lot.†

Canvas Curse is a simple get Kirby to the goal sort of gameplay, but with the twist that you can only really guide Kirby there, rather than control him. To say the least I'm not a particular fan of this kind of set up, and the game did constantly get on my nerves. The game wasn't really hard, more so it was just irritating to get from one point to the other when considering that there always was an easier option. I understand that they wanted to make the Stylus a big part of the game, I really do, but it really just makes things counter intuitive. The same kind of goal could be brought over by controlling Kirby to, and to simply make it harder would be adding more obstacles in the way and enemies. That is a fair challenge. What is not a fair challenge is having to fight a control scheme to something that really isn't accustomed to the lay out to begin with. A lot of Canvas Curses just felt empty and void of any kind of content I've know the Kirby series for in the long run. Gone where the pretty looking backgrounds, and secret doors and such. Canvas Curse is just so out of line with the Kirby series, I just don't see why people would like it that much opposed to just playing a regular Kirby game. Thatís what really upsets me about this, they are just using the Kirby name to sell a game that really as nothing to do with Kirby. Sure Kirby still does this kind of thing, but really it just doesnít feel like its really Kirby in this one. Even the abilities are counter intuitive when you copy them, and that is really what makes this so sad. Not to mention that the majority of the bosses are not all that creative and very boring to boot. I don't know what it is with really old DS games and repetitive boss, but it certainly is a thing.

That being said, Canvas Curse still isn't all that bad, and again this is probably the biggest amount of content out for any kind of DS launch title. From the main story it doubles with the extra courses gotten once a world is complete and add that in with a bunch of medals to find through each level you get a lot of bang for your buck. The story isn't really that impressive either, but it does have a cool looking villain. And the ability to use someone other than Kirby is really interesting too as you could adopt styles that are more suited to your tastes when it comes to reaching each goal. The music is also fairly calming and adventurous, and in general is another great addition to the Kirby soundtrack. But it still feels a bit awkward to call it a Kirby game.

Final Thoughts:

If Canvas Curse released at any other time other than the launch window for the DS, I doubt it would be looked at as a good game. Its fairly average, and makes a simple task of getting from point A to point B into a bit of annoying one using unusual means of guiding Kirby through the level. It certainly isn't as bad as I make it out to be, but it really doesn't deliver much to the Kirby series aside from having a fairly large amount of content and good soundtrack. Overall Canvas Curse is a product of its time than anything else. †

Kirby's Dream Collection ~ Date Beat 5/3/13


Honestly I think getting this game prompted me to make Kirby apart of my challenge. Seriously, I never really thought about playing Kirby as much as this game has made me. This collection pretty much gave me a second chance at liking Kirby games. Having some bad history with the first two dream lands I honestly thought I never appreciate Kirby as much as other people do, but by having the ability to play both the dreamlands and adventure made me into a new gamer.

If it isn't obvious before, this is a game collection of various Kirby games, mainly his first ones, and a few extra features. The game basically comes with 6 older Kirby games, including all 3 dreamland titles, adventure, superstar, and Crystal Shard. The majority of the games will appeal to pretty much anyone, and overall are good games. Although I don't think getting this collection would be a good idea for someone that truly despises playing Kirby games. There isn't much here that can fully convince someone that Kirby is a series they should pick up. Course, on the other hand, Kirby fans should love this collection as it not only has 6 different Kirby games, but history of Kirby and a small extra known as the New Challenge Stages.

The New Challenge Stages are a really neat concept that comes from the extra stages of Return to Dreamland. Basically they make you go around each stage collecting a bunch of coins for high scores, and testing your gaming abilities with Kirby's copy abilities. Its a bit reminisce to Milky Way Galaxy in Super Star, but this time you have the chosen ability permanently throughout the course. Then after completing a level you get graded on how well you did, ranging from bronze to gold medals. It really is a wonderful extra that could have easily been a wonderful concept for a Kirby game, or at least extended a little more. Alas, this is not true however, and the game ends with a mere 3 worlds and a few stages to pit against your skill with. Still this extra acts pretty much like any full fledged Kirby game and is a wonderful addition for those that have already experienced some or all of the Kirby games within this collection.

And while New Challenge Stages can spark some interest for those that have experienced any of the Kirby games in this collection, I wouldn't say its a fine selling point. The game is by no means worth the price tag if any player has experienced all the Kirby games on this collection, and only wishes to experience New Challenge Stages, nor is the museum that interesting after a few looks. The only other real selling point to this collection is the OST disc that comes with it. Kirby has been known quite well for its music and the CD appears to have some of the best contemplation of the series. Still though, if you truly do love Kirby, and even have every game within this collection its not so much a bad thing. The Dream Collection is by far the best collection Nintendo has ever turned out their doors, and with that note if you haven't experience Kirby and always wanted to this would be an amazing game to get.

Final Thoughts:

Dream Collection's fun really comes to how much you like Kirby and have played from his series of games. Even if you have experienced all that Kirby has to offer, the Dream Collection even comes with a new little game called New Challenge Stages, these stages are quite fun and challenging at testing your ability to be the best Kirby you can be. And with a soundtrack, a museum of Kirby history, even some Kirby anime episodes, Dream Collection still has a lot to offer, and that's what makes it Nintendo's best collection yet.

Kirby's Epic Yarn ~ Date Beat 5/9/13


Nintendo certainly likes to make Kirby do a lot of experimental things. Pikmin platformers, tetris games, pinball, block games, even that touch screen only game where you directed Kirby via lines; Kirby has been through a lot more game mechanics then almost any other character out there. And while a lot of the previous games mentioned didn't really give off a Kirby game vibe, I feel that Epic Yarn does actually achieve that. Epic Yarn is just so cutesy and whimsical that it just feels at home with Kirby, and by that sentiment I feel that Epic Yarn is perhaps the best ascetically pleasing game to feature Kirby. Everything about it just makes Kirby a little more Kirby. Not to mention the game does actually look surprisingly like yarn. Its as if someone made these animations of yarn in front of you, its just that smooth and just looks so well done. Even the smallest things like fabric and stitching are constantly present to show more of an effect on any given level.†

Epic Yarn isn't all visuals though, as it still provides with some classic platforming fun. Its a simple platformer where you can run, jump, and spin enemies or items into a big ball of yarn to hurl at other enemies or objects. Epic Yarn also has several different transformations throughout certain levels. Kirby transforms into a penguin, ufo, train, monster truck, tank, and even a rocket. While they are too big an impact on the game itself, these transformations offer a nice break from the usual platforming, focusing more on collecting gems, timing jumps, or even shooting enemies. Aside from that though, there really isn't much Epic Yarn offers differently aside from mini-games like playing hide and seek or a somewhat tacked on Co-op mode. Perhaps the real objective to the majority of Epic Yarn's levels however are finding all the various items scattered throughout the levels and collecting enough gems to obtain a gold rank. Its very true that Kirby can't die throughout the whole game, but that doesn't mean all the challenge is taken out of Epic Yarn. Epic Yarn is more so focused on obtaining better rankings via medals. If Kirby collects enough gems he gets a gold, silver, or bronze medal, but if you get hit any time you lose gems. So the real goal in Epic Yarn is to not get hit at all so you don' lose all your gems, thus keeping a your ranking toward the sought out gold medal. But even with this challenge tacked on to players minds, the game is still very easy, and I doubt anyone would actually have difficulty beating it. With that note I don't think this game would be really worth mentioning either if it weren't for the fact it is very ascetically pleasing. While it does have decent gameplay and challenge, the overall appeal is about the flash this game offers. In a lot of ways, and I'm surprised I'm saying this, the yarn out does the actual gameplay behind it. Its basic gameplay patted with a neat looking look to it. If this looked like any other game I doubt people would give it a second chance, but for what it is, its nice to look at. Its not all flash, but the substance isn't all that good either, its a pretty game to look and nice to spend sometime with, but I wouldn't say its really much of a game worth playing.

Final Thoughts:

Kirby's Epic Yarn is one of the most ascetically pleasing game this generation, the way Nintendo works yarn into a gameplay mechanic is really cool, and makes for a very visually appealing experience. However, Epic Yarn really isn't that challenging, even when going for gold medals, so it really just ends up being a very basic game under the guise of a very visually appealing effect. By no means does this make Epic Yarn a bad game though, but more so its a pleasant experience of seeing a visual style collide with gameplay mechanics, its different and thatís whats worth noting.

Kirby Squeak Squad ~ Date Beat 5/23/13


Squeak Squad probably has the lamest storyline I have ever really seen so far in a Kirby game or any game for that matter, if anything it only confirms that Kirby is a royal jag to everyone he meets. Essentially the game is about getting back Kirby's piece of cake he wanted to eat at the very beginning, and mysteriously goes missing when he's about to eat it. Being a renegaded cop that doesnít play by the rules, Kirby takes swift justice on King Dedede, beating him up and taking is money only to find out, kinda, that the Squeaks took it, and overall being a pretty lame excuse to start an adventure.

Despite this rather stupid opening for an adventure though, Squeak Squad manages to have everything I like about Kirby. Its very much like Kirby's adventure for the NES, much of the game is based on simple exploration, and finding all the treasures in each level. The game is nice enough to tell you how many treasure are in each level, and the length is never too long or tedious to actually become boring to look for all of them. Each level lasts long enough to keep you entertain, but never really drags on either, which is something that I really like because its very much a pick up and play type of game. The game also tries to add functions for the DS as well, but overall they seem rather pointless and lame. Basically you get 5 slots to put any kind of bubbled item or chest in and keep with you throughout your playthrough, till you turn the game off. While it is nice to have powers and health at your finger tips they often get in the way of treasure collecting from time to time. See, because of the 5 slot limit the treasure chests have no where to go if all 5 slots are filled up, this makes getting some of the quicker treasure chests harder to get if you don't prep correctly. Honestly this could have easily been fixed by simply giving each chest their own slot for inventory bubbles, it doesn't break the game, and overall makes it easier for the player. Although Squeak Squad is fairly easy, lasting about 5 or so hours for any given player. So any kind of treasure hassle isn't really much of a game breaker, just annoying. The new powers this time, animal and bubble, ghost, and metal are all pretty neat and rather unique to the already vast amount of powers Kirby can get. Although Metal is pretty much crap because it slows you down way too much, and can't be used as well as rock could. The game also lets you combine certain abilities together, kinda like Crystal Shard did, but its not nearly as interacted as they were in Crystal Shard. Mainly due to many of the abilities having to have scrolls found first, so you can then combine them to make something better, like fire + sword into fire sword. Overall though this is simply a basic kirby game, it may not be as original as most of the newer Kirby games that include some sort of gimmick, but its full of pure fun and fast paced levels and exploration. Frankly this is a lovely game to play when you just want to take a relaxed break.

Final Thoughts:

Kirby Squeak Squad may not rattle any cages with its non-sense story line and simple gameplay. But what it does provide is a fun few hours of fast paced levels and exploration. This is Kirby at its simplest, just you, the game, and a few new copy abilities looking for treasure and playing a game. It may not be the best thing ever, but its entertaining enough for anyone.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland ~Date Beat 11/16/13


Kirby's Return to Dreamland is honestly a bit of a blur to me, but from what I can easily remember I had a lot of fun with it and it was over the top in a very good way. It was pretty much Kirby to the extreme, something only really seen in the American covers honestly, and it really is one of the better Kirby games out there. After such a long while, since about squeak squad really, do we get a full fledged Kirby game, and for the consoles the wait for a regular Kirby game has been far too long. †While Epic Yarn and Mass Attack are fun additions to Kirby, there is just something pure and fun about how the original formula goes about it. This time Kirby is set out to collect a lot of gears and ship parts to help a fellow out and with that starts probably the only Kirby game to have a decent storyline.†

Return to Dreamland has a few new additions added to the formula, like 4 player co-op, the ability to play different characters, and perhaps the most important the super special abilities Kirby gets every now and then. What particularly makes this Kirby game set apart from others is the way it establishes a set formula throughout and yet somehow always seems like its fresh and challenging each time. Maybe its the fact that you or your friends can play as king dedede, waddle, or meta knight along with the other kirbys, but just in general every power out there is just given so much to work with that it never feels like you †get a useless ability, well rock still kinda sucks. Anyway with the newer characters they get their standard weapons, Dedede with his hammer, Metaknight with his sword, and Waddle with a halberd. What makes them a little more interesting than just permaweapons is the fact they are treated as there own character, and for the first time ever in a kirby game it actually feels like there is more to co-op then before. See in the past Kirby games all the extra characters usually just acted like Kirby with a different skin and a lot of the animations were awkward at times, mainly the enemy partners, on top of that the first player had a lot more control over the other players, no matter where the 1st player was the camera would always focus on them. In Return to Dreamland however it actually feels like a co-op affair, the camera simple follows whoever is in first and you can set up teams that rely on the permaweapon counterparts. Kirby loses his power for the gear we needed? Just switch to Dedede and suddenly you can get it! Just a lot of these neat little touches that actually make Co-op, Co-op in Return that just makes it better than the other times Kirby claimed to have Co-op. Course I haven't actually gotten to the actual powers yet either.

The powers this time around just do a lot more than they usually would. Sword alone does different types of cuts and actions pending on how you press the special button and D-pad. In other words, powers actually require some skill to wield, granted its not a lot of skill, but the fact that you can learn how to use powers properly is very much a big thing in a small skilled game like Kirby. Now it actually feels like a challenge when you can run through the game using your new acquired skills with your weapon and even more fun in the challenge stages they provide when you collect enough gears. Not to mention that the addition of the super abilities, which pretty much sets Return as the over the top adventure I mentioned earlier. Certain abilities throughout are given super abilities and act as a sort of screen killer in the way that the Mic used to in older Kirby games. Save for the fact that a lot of these powers acted differently, and attacked in different ways. The majority of these super abilities are usually used because they're is a chance to get into a dimension that houses a mini-boss that has two gears within the level. About every 2 or so levels in each world have these dimensions and the super abilities are always used to access them. While it may seem like it gets rather old the more and more you do it, its further from what you would think. For the most part, the super abilities are used in different ways each time, and you usually don't get the same ability twice when opening a portal. On top of that, instead of just fighting the mid-boss you must first out run the dimensions wall that are closing in to kill you. These segments where you run from the dimensional walls are probably the hardest Kirby games have ever gotten and what makes it all the more interesting is that you lose your abilities as soon as you enter in this gray dimension. Thus a lot of this running and quick puzzle solving relies on the players knowledge of Kirby's basic abilities making it a lot more fun and a much needed break from having super powered abilities throughout a level. In general, Return to Dreamland really is the most challenging Kirby game to date, with many of the bosses, and mid-bosses changing their pattens every now and then when they have lower health. As well, the final boss himself really makes for a great ending as all your abilities are put to the test on top of having the return of the darkest before dawn type endings Kirby tends to have at the end of his games.

Course Return to Dreamland isn't all sunshine, rainbows, and really cool wicked powers. Its a very formulaic game and while it tends to spice up the formula each time, its really hard not to notice that you are doing the same thing throughout the entire game. What makes it all the more noticeable though is the mid-boss in the dimensions rift, as all them are simple recolors of the first one and it never really spices things up like other bosses do. Aside from that though, there isn't too much to complain about the game. The music is great, the graphics are put to good use, and all in all its a great Kirby game. † †

Final Thoughts:

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is certainly one of Kirby's best and challenging outings to date. It may be quite formulaic with its levels, but there usually is something to spice them up each time you enter a new one. With a fully functional Co-op in hand, a massive collection of gears to collect, and bonus stages to unlock, Return to Dreamland really brings back Kirby the way he used to be.
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