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The best 8 games of the last 8 years: Number BEST

So here we finally are.
What game gets top honors in my long and overwrought list?

Well here we go.

There you have it. The masterpiece that defined the better part of a decade of gaming.
Now go the fuck home and sleep, you've got an early train to catch tomorrow.

--->Wait, is this it?

Of course it is. You won! Nothing more to see here, move along. Go get angry at Chris Carter's A Link Between Worlds review again or something.

---Oh all right.
--->Hold on, it feels like we're missing something here.

Like what, your dignity? Sorry to say, you lost that way before I ever met you.
You [s]caught the real killer[/s] figured out my best game of the last 8 years, did you not?

---Fine, Jackass!
--->No, something's off. I'm not leaving until I find the truth!

Well, if you insist. Enough of this lame ass joke, here's my real Best game of the last 8 years.

Did I just put a PS2 game as the top of my list? Holy shit, I did! But what a game it is...

Welcome to Persona 4. A JRPG where you play as a second year high school student that just transferred to a boring town in the countryside after his parents go to work overseas and dump him at his uncle's place for a year.

Then murders start happening, and you quickly get dragged into it. Then things get weird. Turns out you can enter a strange and dangerous world inside the TV and fight the monsters within with a power- you know what? Play the damn game, because I can't do justice to how absurd yet amazing the concept of this game is.

This is a legit thing you can do.

The fighting and dungeon crawling are fun, to be sure. But this game's strongest point is probably that it makes you care. As you get to know the world around you and the people that live in it, you can easily become very attached to it all. Maybe it's the hijinks you and your investigation team friends get up to over the course of the year (King's Game, anyone?), or the time you spent working the graveyard shift at the hospital and getting hit on by one of the Nurses. Or helping a little boy and his step-mom to realize that they both care for each other. Or even just coming home to spend some time with your little cousin and your workaholic detective uncle.

When the game ends and your year in Inaba is over, (assuming of course you got one of the good endings) you'll be left wondering where the year ( and 70 odd hours of real life time) went by. Not many stories can end in such a way and yet feel both satisfying and bittersweet but P4 manages it because ,again, it strives (and succeeds) from the very beginning to make you care about what happens.

And if you have a Vita, play The Golden edition of it. I don't usually recommend remakes over originals, but the things added to the Vita version really make it the definitive version to own here. Also, Atlus deserves your money. They really hit it out of the park with this one.


Oh, and P4 arena's getting a sequel?
Persona Q :shadow of the labyrinth is a thing that actually exists?

Oh shit, let's keep this party rolling!
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