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Community Interviews Is Going On Vacation!


Hey, folks! I'm taking two weeks off for Christmas, so I'm gong to be spending time with my family as much as possible (I work nights, so I don't get to see my wife and daughter for pretty much five days out of the week - gotta make up for lost time while I can). With that said, I'm sending out a call to get signed up for the next wave of interviews!

Please feel free to shoot me a private message on the cblogs or, if you're feeling brave, you could even give me a shout via the forums. We will need material to keep this up, so we will need people to interview, and the more people we have lined up, the longer this feature will continue to exist.

From OpiumHertz and myself, we wish you a Happy Christmahanukkwanzaa.
Go enjoy your holiday!

- Everyday Legend (love you motherfuckers)

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