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Formally introducing myself

I haven't been working that much lately and school is about to end, so as I sat around procrastinating, finding any little thing to distract me from last minute school assignments, I decided to finally write my introductory blog, something I've thought about doing for at least the past 2 years. So here we are. 

I'm fairly unimaginative when it comes to my writing, so I apologize for what's bound to be a rather by the numbers introductory. The images I've tried to put up also appear broken, so I'm probably doing it wrong, apologies.

My username is Wrath and Pride. I often get stuck on usernames and I had just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist at the time, so I simply got two character names from the show, and well, this fairly bland username came about. I'm a college student with no ambitions (how cliche), and from time to time I work. I've been reading Dtoid since 08' I wanna say, and I've been a member since 09' (I think). I'm fairly inconsistent with my commenting as I tend to mostly lurk around, something which I hope to change in the coming year.

I like video games, all types too! No, but seriously, I'm pretty fair game when it comes to what I play. Mind you I do have a bit of a Nintendo bias, like many I grew up on their games, and to do date, Nintendo games often represent why I like the medium so much. Focus on gameplay, fun, stuff like that, crazy concepts in today's world, but I'm a hipster (not really), so what can I say. I also have a huge love for handheld gaming, and I spend most of my gaming time on my 3DS, and more recently, my Vita. My recently purchased Wii U has gotten me back on playing consoles though.

Besides putting off school assignments, another reason I decided to finally write this blog is because apparently Dtoid has gone to shit, which I have no real big opinion on. All those "do something" about it blogs, in some way, convinced me to at least introduce myself, and maybe become more active in the community. I do notice though, for every Chad we lose, we get some guy who reviews the occasional indie/pc game. I would rather my Huge money be going to recruiting new talent on the writing team, instead of it being used to push the video side of Dtoid (except Holmes new show, it's amazing). 

And it's getting kind of late, and I should probably consider finishing up my schoolwork, so yeah, see you in the trenches.
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