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Know Your Zombies!


So, if you're like me, you got sick of the whole zombie craze when it was overplayed a couple years ago, but for some reason, it has come back around. I am enjoying zombies again. The culture, the games, the movies and television series.  For people like us dtoiders, we've gotten a good zombie taste in our mouths from recent game bombshells in the forms of The Walking Dead, and Dead Rising 3.

So after binging on some Dead Rising myself, I was doing my usual "search for related things on google/wikipedia" time (I get into my phases...). And I stumbled upon this new kickstarter for a poster-map of all the different kinds of zombies there are. It looks like it kind of works like a web/infographic with a cool vintage-medical-book kind of art, and the tail ends of each major strand of lists of movies, books, or games that represent that type of zombie.  It's kind of like those "Zombie Info" books all rolled into one gorgeous looking poster.

Anyway, I thought it was worth checking out and sharing with you fine people. I backed with $30, so I'll at least get the poster. I might do it a second time to get one for a christmas gift... who knows, depends on work I guess, haha. Anyway, I'm done typing now. Check it out:

Map of Zombies Kickstarter
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