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5 Dance Games That Should be Made


So they're actually doing it. Persona 4 is getting a dancing game spin off. To me, this sounds ingenious. Take characters from a well-known franchise and make them dance for our amusement. Brilliant!

It got me thinking though: What other games should get dancing game spinoffs? A few ideas immediately formed in the dark, stinky cellar of my mind.

1. Metal Gear Salsa: Eating and Dancing Action

Metal Gear Solid is still staying pretty strong as a franchise. It has two new games coming out soon, one of which has a horse in it. I don't know if that makes it better or worse, but that's pretty much all I know about the games so far.

There are two things, however, that I feel could really add to the series: Dancing, and Hideo Kojima's new favorite hobby: taking pictures of food.

This idea would take a lot of work to get right, as dancing and taking pictures of delicious cooked meats at the same time would be quite difficult, but if there's any man for the job, it's Kojima.

2. Densha De Groove!

You may be wondering "how would you integrate dancing into a train simulator? Would the people on the train be dancing? Would it be the conductor?"

Nope. The trains would be dancing.

The trains.

3.Silent Hill: Pump it up!

Just look at this video:

People obviously want this to happen.

We could have cameos from all the games too! Who wouldn't want to see the Lying Figure boogie down with Richard Braintree, some Closers and Robbie the Rabbit?

Think about it.

4. Bioshock: Electric Boogaloo

I haven't played Bioshock: Infinite, but a lot of fans said they have been disappointed with the last installment of the series.

Well, Irrational Games, listen up, because I have the perfect idea to win those people over again: Bioshock: Electric Boogaloo (get it? Electric and shock? lol)!

The plot: You are a generic protagonist who gets lost in a nightmarish dystopian world where people have left America to form Disconia, a country that uses dance as both a currency AND a weapon! To survive, you must bust a move!

Are you ill enough to make it?

5. Ace Attorney: The Musical

I seriously don't need to make anything up for this one. Watch this:

This actually happened, and Capcom desperately needs to make a video game adaptation!

Come on, Capcom. You know you want to! Don't you want to make tons of money?

Final Note:

As you can plainly see, dancing can be applied to any game franchise. All you need is a little imaaaaaagination (and a tiny bit of cocaine)!

Thanks for reading!
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