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Gran Turismo 6 vs. Forza Motorsport 5 – Second Opinion

Earlier today Dale North put up an article comparing the various pros and cons of the newly released Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 5. The two big console exclusive racing sims that are currently going head-to-head. It's a pretty great article. Go read it, you incompetent nerf-herder. But since I share a passion for this genre too, I quickly felt the urge to write my own comparison too, sounding off on my take on each of Dale's points.

Although, usually I hate the mere mention of this topic. But then again, it's usually discussed by random idiotic fanboys on the internet. I may be just another random idiot on the internet, but I'm definitely not a fanboy of either series. Although I have my preferences, I enjoy both games. It doesn't matter to me what logo is on the cover, I just want to play a great game. But I will say that I've only played GT6 for a day so far, so this is only based on my first impressions of that game right now. I've been playing Forza 5 since release, not that it's been out for much longer, mind you.

Cars: Tie

The cars in Forza 5 are absolutely gorgeous. They look far better than the cars in GT6, and they certainly sound better too. One reason why I've always loved cars in Forza games is because of what you can do to them, and Forza 5 has loads to do to cars as well. They've blown things out of the water with how many different paint options you can have, and there's a bunch of new crazy engine and drivetrain swaps for cars. Aero customisation options are also far better in Forza than GT. While some cars have unfortunately lost some kits, most still remain. Hardly any cars in GT have kits at all. It seems none of the non-premium cars have them. Forza also has its brilliant livery editor tool, which GT lacks.

But the size of the car list in Forza 5 is a real disappointment. So many favourites are gone. Even though GT has always had more cars, there was still always more than enough in Forza to feel like you could explore a new car any time you wanted. You had a great range to pick from too. Not any more. While the variety and selection is still good, the low number overall really takes away from that feeling of having a sandbox of dream cars to explore and play around with.

Forza 5 only has one of these, but you can do a lot to it.

Then again, the sheer number of cars in GT6 doesn't necessarily make them a better experience. Most cars are still non-premium, which is a bit of a let-down. It makes the car list feel like it's much more focused on quantity over quality. Like they played favourites, and if your personal favourite didn't get the treatment it deserved, then you're just stuck with this ugly thing which you can't do as much to as with the other cars. And there are way too many duplicates. It's way beyond unnecessary. For example, there are 22 versions of a single generation of the Mazda RX-7. That's not even counting race car or tuner shop variants. I like RX-7s as much as the next guy, but no-one needs 22 versions of the exact same car.

But, on the other hand, GT6 has some pretty cool cars in its list that you would just never see in Forza. Things like crazy concept cars that would never actually be made, or obscure little curios you never knew existed. It's cool to see and drive stuff like that.

Tracks: GT6

My opinions on this one don't differ much from Dale's. Forza's tracks may look nicer and be more lively, but there simply isn't enough of them. It feels like you're driving the same tracks again and again in every single tournament. GT6 on the other hand, has a multitude of tracks with an insane variety. I just drove on the moon this afternoon, for crying out loud! Although I do want to point out that the shadows on tracks can look pretty ugly in GT6. When you're seeing it from a driver's perspective, as you actually race, you don't really notice it. But once you watch a replay, especially one which has a long zoomed in shot, you can see how hideous shadows look from a distance. But apart from that, the tracks in GT6 are far from bad. They're in very nice locales, and they're nicely laid out. Good fun to drive around too. It's a brilliant selection.

Graphics: Forza 5

Again, there isn't much to say here that Dale didn't. Although GT6 looks good, and is quite an achievement for the PS3, it can't stand up to Forza 5. Everything looks so smooth and gorgeous in that game, and the way light bounces off all the different materials on the cars is sublime. I must also add I've noticed a few minor graphical glitches in GT6. One of which made all the polygons of my car fly out like something out of a Vinesauce video. It only happened for a split second at the start of a race, but it still happened.

Imagine this is a Ford Mustang.

Control: Forza 5

This is the point which I have to differ with Dale the most though. The feeling of the cars has always been the major reason that I've always preferred Forza over GT. It has been much improved in GT6, and it does feel pretty great, but Forza 5 has also improved a lot over its predecessors. Dale spoke about how Forza 5 feels like there is much more going on under the hood, and he's certainly right. It feels much more sophisticated than GT6, or any other Forza up until now. And that really does improve the experience of playing. Cars feel much more alive and dynamic, and you feel much more connected to them. The rumble in the triggers is also fantastic. I usually don't even have rumble on when I play any game, but here it adds to much that I feel that I have to have it on. It greatly strengthens that feeling of connection to the car. You can feel the stresses you are putting it under in your fingers. It's unlike any other racing game I've played, and it's amazing.

The controller is also a big issue for GT6. Although the feel of control is a lot better than in previous games, playing it through a Dualshock 3 really hampers what could be a much better experience on a superior controller. The spongy triggers are no good for your accelerator and brake, leaving the face buttons the only real option. But face buttons will never be anywhere near as good as a properly weighted trigger with decent travel.

(Obligatory flavour text)

But since I'm talking about controllers here, I'll roll in the controller support point in to this one as well. Dale mentions that while the controller feels great with Forza 5, that's your only option for the game, while GT6 supports several wheels. While this is true, Forza 5 will shortly have wheels released for it. A Thrustmaster and Madcatz wheel are both on the way in the near future.

I should also mention, as I expect is obvious by now, that I've only played both games with a controller. Perhaps Dale plays with a wheel most of the time, with that being a large factor in why he prefers GT over Forza in this respect. But based on what I have access to, I have to go with Forza.

Career: GT6

This is a bit of a tentative selection for me, as I haven't had much opportunity to dig deep in to both games' career, but from what I have experienced so far, GT is making a much better impression. Much of my reasoning behind this decision is linked to the tracks. As I mentioned earlier, in Forza it feels like you're driving the same few tracks over and over. I do really like the freedom of choice it offers, but the options you're given are exactly very varied. The thing that changes most through the career in Forza is the type of car you choose to drive. Apart from that it's mostly races on the same few tracks over and over, with a few extra mini-game events thrown in which aren't very fun.

GT6 is mostly straightforward races as well, but the breadth of tracks makes it feel much more varied. And the mini-games are actually pretty fun too. There are the aforementioned moon missions, and a Goodwood hill climb event, for example. It is a bit annoying that future events are locked until you meet a certain criteria though. Having a strict, linear progression through the events can seem like a bit of a grind sometimes. Although, I haven't yet had a problem with the licence tests. I could see them becoming a drag later down the line though, as they have been in previous GT games. But these complaints are minor compared to the lack of variety in Forza 5.

It's like Prague is already my home away from home...

A.I.: Forza 5

This is a bit of a tough one. I'm not exactly crazy on the A.I. for either game, but I think out of the two, Forza probably comes out on top. So far, the A.I. in GT6 doesn't seem like anything exceptional. Maybe I'll appreciate it more once I've played the game more and had more time to observe, but from what I can see it's just the usual business. Opponent cars drive relatively close to the perfect line all the time, and rarely battle with each other, and never make any significant mistakes. That doesn't mean it can't be fun to drive against. You can get a good challenge out of it if you want, and opponents... don't do some of the things they do in Forza.

The A.I. system in Forza is pretty interesting. It is unlike anything else I've played, and it can make for some interesting scenarios, and the A.I. opponents do race among themselves quite a bit. They do feel much more like real people than just dumb robots scripted to drive around at a certain speed. The problem is, real people usually drive like total dicks. Forza replicates that pretty well. Racing through a pack can often be really frustrating, as you get rammed by overly aggressive opponents, or blocked by four cars trying to go for the same apex at the same time. Often I just lose patience and fight back, and ungracefully barge my way through, since that's what everyone's doing anyway. The rewind feature does do some to alleviate the frustration of the randomness though, but I always feel like that's kind of cheating.

Much more orderly than Forza, for better or worse.

Maybe as this system learns as time goes on, or on higher levels of difficulty, the A.I. doesn't behave this way too much. But I'm already driving against opponents that are supposedly “highly skilled”, and if everyone else is just barging through traffic like I am, then that means that everyone's Drivatar will be trained to continue this sort of behaviour, turning it in to a vicious circle of bad sportsmanship.

This isn't what all races are like though. Sometimes it can make for some really intense battles that you only previously got against other humans, and the driving feel is still fantastic throughout all of this. It's just very hit-and-miss whether your race is going to be a clusterfuck, or brilliant. On balance, I think it just edges in front of GT6. Even if it's annoying, it's a whole lot more interesting.

Online: Inconclusive

Can't say much on this since I haven't raced at all online in GT6 yet, and haven't done much in Forza 5 either. But again, the amount and variety of content in both games comes in to play here. But I will add that you are required to get your first few licences in GT6 before you're even allowed to go online. Maybe that's a good thing, in stopping the utterly incompetent from going online, or just annoying in that it's locked off at the start. After all, the type of people who want to ruin other people's fun over the internet are often the most dedicated at doing so. Having to pass a few tests probably won't stop them.

But Forza has its problems too. Unlike Forza 4, you do not have the ability to create a custom lobby that's open for anyone to join. You can only choose your own track and rules in a private match. This feature was a huge boon to Forza 2 and 4, and its omission is sorely missed.

Microtransactions: GT6

Again, this will be a short one. The microtransactions in Forza are horrible. They're everywhere. I think it's too early to tell if Turn10 have purposefully tried to make progress in the game tedious to coerce people in to buying in to them, but it's still really annoying at how pushy they are with them throughout the game. It really cheapens the experience.

"£32.50 please."

I haven't even noticed them in GT6 though. I probably wouldn't even know the game had them if it hadn't been officially announced. While it's also far too early to tell if they have resulted in the design of the game progression being compromised, their visibility in the game is far, far less obnoxious.

Loading Times: Neither

Dale isn't wrong on this one. They're both atrocious. But they're both awful in slightly different ways. While they both simply have the issue of taking forever to load, each game has its own little annoying quirk with how it chooses to load things. In Forza, as you're progressing through a tournament, you are given no option to quit back to the garage after you've finished a race. You have to progress to the next event and wait until the next track has loaded, and only once you reach the pre-race menu of that event can you leave. It means you're sitting around for ages for something you don't even want when you just want to leave. It's a big pain.

GT6 on the other hand, has this odd habit of taking a while to load after you select the “start race” option on the pre-race screen. You'd expect after all that loading earlier that you would be able to jump right in and start when you select “start”, but nope. You have to sit there again for a while before things actually get going. It doesn't take anywhere near as long as waiting for Forza to load an entire track you don't want to race on, but having to wait at that moment, after you've already sat through another long loading sequence isn't much better.

(More obligatory flavour text)


Like Dale, I think both games are pretty good. Despite both having problems, they both have their own values. But for me, Forza is the place I go to both race and drive. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Forza 5 may lose its appeal for me much sooner than previous games in the series have. By then, GT6 will probably continue to have appeal in its automotive toy box. Or maybe I'll be playing Forza Horizon 2, since that's probably coming. Or maybe Forza 4, because everyone else will still be playing that.

If I was to pick between GT6 and Forza 5 on a desert island, I would probably agree with Dale and pick GT6 though, because of its greater breadth of content. But if I had the choice, I'd probably pick Forza 4 over both of those.

P.S. Sorry about all the "left" stuff. Every time I tried to fix it, it just made it worse.
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