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Seph's Quick Tips - Snapping The Streak in WWE 2K14


Anyone who follows professional wrestling is most likely aware of something simply called "The Streak". It's in direct reference to The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania, the Super Bowl of professional wrestling. As the wrestler who portrays The Undertaker has gotten older Undertaker has reduced his wrestling schedule to more or less only be his big match at WrestleMania, essentially turning his already supernatural character into pretty much the "end boss" of wrestling's biggest event of the year. Numerous legends of wrestling have taken their shot at defeating Undertaker at WrestleMania and all have failed, including notables such as CM Punk, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair.

WWE 2K14 features a mode in the game where you can challenge The Undertaker and take your own shot at making WrestleMania history. Remember how I said that Undertaker was pretty much the final boss of real-life WrestleMania? Yeah, he's pretty much the end boss of WWE 2K14 as well. Snapping the streak is pretty damn hard, it's something even I've only managed to do a couple of times and from what I've heard from others it sounds like its still a challenge to many. So I thought I'd assemble a few quick tips when it comes to challenging The Phenom and making sure you don't end up on the wrong end of a Tombstone Piledriver.

1) Pick a wrestler you're comfortable with

WWE 2K14 has a few wrestlers on the roster I'd definitely consider "over powered", particularly John Cena, Randy Orton, and Hulk Hogan, so obviously your knee-jerk reaction might be to pick one of these superstars in order to give yourself a fighting chance. My advice would be to forgo picking someone who on-paper looks like a good choice and instead just pick a wrestler whom you're most comfortable with. In my experience being familiar with a wrestlers move set outweighs the raw statistical advantages of picking a different wrestler.

You can also pick custom wrestlers when squaring off against Undertaker as well. If you're one of those players who spends hours customizing every move on your dream version of yourself, then this will most likely be your go-to option. Plus, wouldn't you rather see yourself beat Undertaker?

2) Pick a wrestler whom has the "Resiliency" ability

If you don't have a wrestler you're totally comfortable with, or perhaps you have multiple wrestlers you feel safe picking, I'd put preference over any wrestler who carries the "resiliency" ability. Resiliency acts like a quick burst of adrenaline for your wrestler which gives you either a bigger window of opportunity to kick out of pinning attempts or increases your chance of breaking out of submission holds. Used ideally, it's the perfect thing to get you out of a situation you otherwise wouldn't be able to escape from (like trying to kick out of a second or third Tombstone Piledriver).

It should be noted though that you get a score bonus if you defeat Undertaker without using resiliency (yeah, you get a score after the match, but it only matters if you win). However, if your objective is simply to win the match then do not worry about losing out on some potential points. Save the fancy stuff for when you're trying for your second or third victory.

3) Keep the fight outside of the ring

When fighting Undertaker in the ring, he will pull a few creative tricks out of his hat in order to keep the momentum in his favor. If you hit a finishing move on him he'll occasionally make the lights in the stadium go out for a split second, and then when the lights come back he'll be standing right behind you and promptly deliver his finisher onto you. He has a couple of other tricks like this that will result in you taking a lot of damage... so long as you're actually in the ring.

The match against Undertaker is a no-holds-barred hardcore match. This means that you can leave the ring freely and fight outside of the ring or on the ramp area without running the risk of count-out or other forms of disqualification. However the match can only end with a pin fall or submission inside of the ring, which means that you are safe from all of Undertaker's tricks so long as he can't actually pin you or make you tap out. This is the only aspect of this match that is noticeably in favor of the player, so make use of it.


Like I said this is a no disqualification match which means anything is legal, including weapons. You can get a weapon from under the right by going up to the center of the apron and holding L1/LB, there's one weapon under each side of the ring. The bottom, right, and top areas will give you a steel chair while the left side of the ring will give you Triple H's sledgehammer. Along with those items, you can use either of the steel steps that are at ringside or grab the ring bell that's over near the announcer's table. Speaking of the announcer's table, it's also free to destroy at your convenience.

Make good use of these weapons as it's a great way to quickly deal damage as well as keep The Deadman on his back. Every foreign object in the game can be used four times before it is either too damaged to continue using, or your wrestler simply discards it. Chairs will break after four hits and can no longer be used, however the steps, ring bell, and sledgehammer can all be picked up again after the fourth hit. Undertaker rarely has gone for weapons in my fights against him, so this is another advantage you can potentially use. Just be careful though, Taker will occasionally try to grab those weapons from out of your hands.

5) Practice your reversals

If you are not very familiar with the timing of reversals in WWE 2K14, your match against Undertaker is going to most likely be a short one. You need to at least become component at reversing moves in this game because of Undertaker's relentless offense, and because he will be reversing a lot of your moves as well.

Pretty much every move in the game has a window of opportunity to pull off a reversal, including finishing moves. Obviously some moves have bigger windows than others, but the reward for reversals become greater the bigger the move you reverse. The key thing I would focus on is learning how to reverse attempted Irish Whips. If you're going to be focusing on keeping the fight outside of the ring, like I suggested, then Undertaker will make multiple attempts to throw you back into the ring. Timing a reversal for these isn't very tough, and it can easily keep you in a match and keep everything in your favor.

6) Be extra careful when Undertaker has a finisher

Undertaker is devastating enough in this match, when he has a finisher stored and ready to go things tend to go downhill in a hurry for you. Having a finisher available opens up even more tricks for Undertaker that will, obviously, end in you receiving one of his multiple finishing maneuvers. If Taker has a finisher ready to go, don't even think about attempting any kind of aerial move on him. Doing so will result in Taker snatching you out of the air and promptly reversing whatever you were going to do into a Tombstone Piledriver, reminiscent of how the Undertaker/Shawn Micheals WrestleMania 25 match ended.

If Undertaker has a finisher available, see tip #3 and immediately get out of the ring as fast as you can. Taking a finisher from Undertaker while in the ring will almost certainly result in the match being over, especially if you've already used your resiliency buff. Take the fight to the outside and get in as much damage as you can. Taking a finisher on the outside of the ring is bad, but it's better than watching it happen while in the ring. Since Undertaker needs you in the ring to pin you, he has to throw you back into the ring, which means you'll get a free opportunity to reverse his Irish whip attempt and save yourself.

7) Don't taunt, ever

Normally in WWE 2K14 if you have a finisher ready to go and your opponent is on the ground, you can perform a special "wake-up" taunt that will cause your opponent to groggily return to his feet and easily set up your finishing move. Do not attempt a wake-up taunt against The Undertaker in this match. Attempting to do this will cause Undertaker to do his patented "zombie sit-up", return to his feet immediately, and deliver a Tombstone Piledriver to you. And since wake-up taunts are noticeably longer than your traditional taunts, there's no way you can avoid this from happening.

This scenario doesn't always happen to me, however it happens about nine out of ten times, so it happens often enough that I'd discourage you from attempting wake-up taunts in any capacity as it's just too risky. On top of that, I'd simply say just do not taunt Undertaker ever unless there's a very sizable amount of space between you and him. I have no evidence to support this, but Undertaker seems to get a bit more aggressive if he's taunted. Along with that, taunt's cannot be interrupted in WWE 2K14, so you effectively become a sitting duck until your taunt is over.

8) Want a potentially easier fight? Take on retro Undertaker

After you pick your wrestler you get an option to fight present day Undertaker or retro Undertaker. Modern Undertaker is bald and comes to the ring in a cloak that makes you think he just returned from winning the Mortal Kombat tournament. Retro Undertaker is the 90's purple & black version who looks like an old western mortician, and has significantly fewer tattoos (personally, I think retro Undertaker looks substantially more badass). Apparently you can also fight the American Bad-Ass biker Undertaker, but that's only if you have the pre-order DLC for him (which I currently do not have).

Personally, I find retro Undertaker to be a slightly easier challenge than modern Undertaker. Modern Undertaker has a larger move set than retro Undertaker, obviously because he learned more moves in the last fifteen years, and a couple of his newer moves are pretty devastating - primarily his Last Ride power bomb and his Hell's Gate submission hold (yes, Undertaker has a submission hold, and you never want to be caught in it). The Hell's Gate submission hold is a particular tricky thing to fight against when taking on modern Undertaker because it's a move that he'll pull out of nowhere at very unexpected times, such as when you're about to attempt a pin or to try and pick him up off the ground. If you're using a wrestler who is especially susceptible to submissions, then modern Undertaker is going to give you problems. Saying that retro Undertaker is "easier" feels like a half truth considering he can destroy you at the drop of a hat, but he at least doesn't have a trick or two that his present day version will not have.

Snapping Undertaker's undefeated streak is by far the hardest thing to do in WWE 2K14. This game mode is very unfair in its own ways. Undertaker will be reversing you a ton, his moves do a ton of damage, he pulls finishers out of seemingly thin air, and you will get frustrated at some point. Hopefully a few of my tips here help make things easier for you.

Now go make us proud all of you little Hulkamaniacs.
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