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Occam Thoughts: Prints (NVGR)

Art.� I love art.� Art ART ARRRRT!� Fun to say, fun to collect.� So as a creature who relies almost solely on visual memory and who works in a gallery, its no big shock that my collecting proclivities have led me to start purchasing art prints.� Fortunately, there are a lot of great galleries and artists out there who sell their wares at reasonably reasonable prices.� While I have all sorts of prints, today I would like to focus on the prints based on and inspired by movies.� I hope you enjoy them.

Randy Ortiz - John Carpenter's The Thing

The moment I saw this I knew I needed it in my waking world.� John Carpenter's perfect take on the horror classic is my favorite horror movie.� The creature effects were terrifying as a child and became fascinating to me as an adult. Randy Ortiz captures the alien horror that I adore so much.� He really captures the little details with his line work and muted colors.� I have seen a lot of Thing prints but this is the only Thing print I will ever need.

Ollie Moss - The Dark Knight Rises

Arguably the most famous print maker out there today, every thing Ollie Moss produces is an instant collector's item and work of art.� His vision is so unique as ab artist and the way he can play with shapes and shadows to create a statement is fucking brilliant.� I picked this up after it sat around in my head for a while.� I dig Batman but I never thought I needed a print.� However, Moss does this art deco take on Batman that is just lovely.� Strong, rigid lines and a hard profile then there's the Batman symbol in the mask.� It was just too awesome to pass up.

Ken Taylor - Beetlejuice

So I love Beetlejuice.� We all do, right?� It's a classic.� Great story, iconic imagery, amazing soundtrack and a script filled with quotable lines.� So when I saw this beauty by Ken Taylor, I had to have it.� Look at this.� Ken Taylor is a color pimp.� He makes those colors work for him.� He never hits the colors and he takes care of them.� This is a prime example of a master color pimp.� That green/blue with a touch of light grey for the darker areas contrasts perfectly against that faded burgundy red.� Fucking amazing.� Also, SANDWORM.

Jay Shaw - Ed Gein

As a younger man, I was fascinated with serial killers.� Its a phase that seemingly a lot of young men and women went through.� Maybe its a rite of passage for the quiet kids.� Ed Gein was the most fascinating to me.� He did unspeakable acts and inspired Leatherface and Psycho.� The photographs I've seen of him are unsettling.� Not just because I see this man and know what he did but his eyes...the switch was off, ya know?

Jay Shaw makes art that almost looks like a memory printed out.� I saw this poster and it just made sense. Splashes of color, lines stopping and starting.� Its like he gives you just enough to complete it in your mind.� The way he drew Gein, all red and black like his blood is on fire.� It's horrible and it fits.

Jason Edmiston - Terminator

Jason Edmiston makes art magic.� How anyone can take paints and pencils and a canvas and creates stuff like this is beyond my tiny Alien Ant Farm brain.� This is the print I am currently on the hunt for.� Its a stunning rendition of the T-800 in all its chrome and flame glory.� Seriously, look at those colors.� They are amazing.� All his stuff is just as bright and smooth as this.� I highly recommend you check his work out. Also, those two purple lasers streaking across the sky make this sort of look like the T-800 is posing for a high school graduation photo in the 80's.

Alex Pardee - Scream

This is one I've had my eye on for a while but haven't been able to acquire it yet.� I never thought I'd get a Scream anything as the movie was alright but I didn't really go nuts over it back in the day.� However, Pardee is so clever with his use of color and gore that I really liked it.� Its both horrifying and clever at the same time and really stands out as one of the better prints based on movies that I've seen out there.� Also, Alex Pardee does amazing work with lots of weird nightmare creatures and colors like demonic ejaculations.�

Godmachine - "Time Not Important. Only Life Important''

The Fifth Element is one of those movies that I will watch damn near every time its on tv even though I own it on dvd.� Its such a beautiful and strange movie, like one part sci-fi action epic and one part French perfume commercial.� I found the giant space suit beings from the beginning visually very fascinating.� So when I saw this I knew it would make a lovely addition to my collection.� Godmachine creates a lot of prints that would fit comfortably on the cover of a death metal album.� While this may be a slight departure from his usual forte, it still contains all the elements his prints are known for. Lots of black, heavy lines and bits of color.� Oh, and this glows in the dark.� How much fun is that?

Garbage Flesh Eaters - Omar Hauksson

Halloween is a badass time for prints.� A lot of galleries and artists release special Halloween prints or horror-themed prints.� From Nakatomi, Inc (a great printing lab and showcaser of fine works out of Austin, TX) comes the Garbage Flesh Eaters series.� Combining iconic zombie films with Garbage Pail Kids art, Omar Hauksson created a lovely homage to the greatest of the zombie films.� While there are 5 prints in total, I only picked up these two.� Each zombie is named after the director of the movie in which the zombie appeared.� Gored George is for George Romero and Oily O'Bannon is for Dan O'Bannon.� I love all things Garbage Pail Kids so this was a no brainer for me.

Welcome to the Apocalypse - Alexander Iaccarino

This is another one on my list of future purchases.� As someone who was in a group of friends that went to Babbage's to buy the VHS tapes of Evangelion when they were released in the states, I have a very soft spot in my heart for the series.� Alexander Iaccarino has taken pretty much everything I loved about the series and grouped it all together in this absolutely stunning print.� Between Lilith, the mass produced Eva's and Berserk Unit 01, its pretty much taken me back to being that teenager again watching these insane and lovely Japanese cartoons.� Iaccarino is quickly making a name for himself (he recently did a very sold out run of Cowboy Bebop prints that were amazing) and I look forward to seeing what he does next.� Personally, I'm hoping for something inspired by Fist of the North Star.

Anville - Harbinger of Death

Cain robot from Robocop 2 is one of my favorite robot designs ever.� There's just something so cool about it.� Plus it felt very much like an evolution in terms of design from the ED-209 which had a much stockier and heavy look to it.� This robot felt like an evil Robocop on steroids, or in this case, Nuke.� So when I came across this print I knew I needed it hanging on my walls.� Anville deals primarily in darker colors with lots of metal and chrome for his work.� However, he uses little touches of color such as the yellow caution stripes here to give the image some pop.� What really brings it all together for me is how he used stippling (lots of tiny dots) to create the shadows.� It gives the image a heavy quality which I really like.

Well, there you have it.� I think I might focus on some of my video game and random prints I have next.� I hope you enjoyed looking at some prints with me and if you are interested in checking out some galleries and art, might I recommend you check out these places:

Nakatomi, Inc.

Gallery 1988



Guzu Gallery

Bottleneck Gallery

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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