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Drakengard 3: Halloween Art Contest Winners and...Giveaway!?

Yes, Halloween is over.  The decorations have been replaced by…Christmas.  Whatever happened to Thanksgiving in between, I'll never know, but oddly enough, Japan is exactly the same!!  The only difference is that Halloween seems to come and go without any notice here, which is--for my American heart--very, very sad!!

Thanks to everyone who took an interest to the Drag-on Dragoon / Drakengard Halloween event I put on for my Web site and Facebook community!  There were some really awesome pieces of art that were submitted that made it EXTREMELY difficult to decide on winners.  This particular contest, though, I wanted to focus mostly on the essence of Halloween:  witches, bats, black cats, full moons, scary trees and houses…  The list goes on and on!  I wanted to see artwork taking this theme as a motif and intertwining DOD3 characters into the mix!  If anyone is interested in seeing the entries for this year's Halloween contest, you can find them all here:  http://drakengard-3.com/halloween-entries.html

Here are the top three entries:

As you can see on the site above, I received many awesome pieces of art… so many that it was very difficult to decide on the winners!  The winners of this particular contest were those who best conveyed the spirit of Halloween in conjunction with various characters from DOD3 and/or previous titles.  Since I mainly want to give more attention to the yet-to-be-released DOD3, it was necessary for participants to draw a DOD3 character-- any other character from the previous titles was optional.  

I think this event went pretty well, with most participants submitting their work quite near the 3-week deadline (an extra week past Halloween was given to complete a piece of art).  I plan to hold many similar events like this in the future, too!!  But I cannot put on a fun event without FEEDBACK!!  If anyone on Destructoid has taken a glance at these pages or maybe even become involved in the fan project, I would *love* to hear your thoughts and ideas on what I can do to put on an even better event in the future!!  What would you like to see changed or improved for future events?  

This past art contest was a lot of fun on the management side, and I really wish that I could give every participant a prize simply for participating (believe me, if my budget allowed it, I would!!), but I'm only able to give out a couple freebies from random drawings and other contests like this one.  So if you have any other ideas for a contest that I could put together--a theme!!--please feel free to let me know!

To give a little shout-out and thanks to the current DOD fans, I want to give a random giveaway prize to the members of the Facebook community that I manage (I'm sorry I cannot include fans on other mediums, since I cannot regulate anything elsewhere).  So if you go to the Facebook fan site and like the page, you will be entered into the raffle drawing for a free DOD guidebook from Japan!  I'm still working out the logistics behind this, and hopefully Facebook will have a way to easily view all fans who Liked the page, I can then draw a random number to associate with a member for the raffle.  I plan on sending out the latest awards from the Halloween contest and this raffle drawing on Monday, November 11th; so if you'd like to be included in this drawing, please head over to the Facebook page and click the like button!  <3

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