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You'd best Holster that weapon.


So I wanted to do a blog about choices in video games and games where your decisions in the main game can affect the gameplay, game world, ending, etc. But I don't feel like I could tackle it in one blog, so instead I figured I'd start smaller and work my way up from there. To start out, I'm a huge fan of RPG's, specifically one's where your actions choices in the game can affect the overall game. I've been fascinated with the concept since playing games like Planescape: Torment and Fallout when I was a kid. I played those games over and over just to see the different possibilities.

That's not to say that I don't love other game genre's, Despite RPG's being my go to favorite, I love games of all different genres. One such game that I loved recently was Bioshock: Infinite. Everything from the story to the game world I thought was fantastic. But one thing that started to bug me while I was playing it was how I constantly have my gun out. Now I know for the context of the game that it is understandable for Booker to have his gun at the ready at all times, but I couldn't help but feel this awkward feeling that I had when I wasn't allowed to put my gun away in situations that it felt appropriate to do so. Lets face it, its a little hard to focus on Elizabeth's fear of Violence when your waving your gun around in her face.

I realize that all in all, this is just a minor pet peeve that doesn't really take anything away from the game, but I couldn't help but feel that the game would feel just a bit more intuitive if I had the option to just holster my weapon. While I can't say that adding the option would instantly make the game that much more amazing, it would at least help draw you into the world a bit more, especially when the world has so little to interact with. Since you don't really have the option to talk to anyone or have a direct impact on the games story, at least being able to holster your weapon would help give people the option of being able to immerse yourself in the game world a bit more.

I think that just little details like that can make a game more unique and interesting, especially when their built upon. One of my favorite memories of Fallout was having to holster your weapon when you enter a town. You can either holster it and not deal with the townsfolk gunning you down, or you can keep it out and try and take the town out (usually ending in disaster). Or even more subtle as to how certain characters react to you whether you got your gun holstered or not, like being more or less friendly, or even not willing to talk at all.

Details like this in my opinion really add to the games immersion and overall charm. It proves that even the most subtle additions can add quite a bit of depth to a game. So get your gun back in your pants.
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