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Stuff...but more importantly, thanks for last weekend


I'm sick. Again.

The doctors have me on some sort of clear pills that look like beads you'd wear around your neck and then they gave me a laundry list of things to take over the counter. Since I'm sick and I am in some sort of daze, I'll type stuff.

So the Extra Life marathon I ran last weekend only did about $41.Yay for charity! I was hoping for a bit more, but it was hectic and that's my fault entirely. Andy, Batthink and the others will be getting a whole slew of codes for what they did. If you still want to donate to be part of the raffle, please do so. I'm marathoning with Twinfinite this weekend for like 6 hours at the bewitching hour. I dunno, you might see me passed out unconscious for like 4 of those hours.

We'll see how it goes. We'll be offering raffle prizes for that as well so donate to enter each respective raffle. Thanks again for doing your best just to help some people who need it.
Batson's Children's Hospital (Raffle List)
Sick Kids International (Raffle List)

Alright, I love things like this. When companies release information on lifetime sales data, it really begins to showcase what's been going on with decision making behind the scenes. Capcom did that last month for their investors and I had a blast going through the numbers of their Top 60.

Some things that stood out are:

Breath of Fire has only 3.1 million units over all 15 releases they've had. Compare that to Dino Crisis at 4.4m over 11 releases and Dead Rising at 5.9m for 11 releases and you can see why there aren't any big Breath of Fire games coming out. For math kids, that's about 200k units per title, which if you factor that 4 and 5 likely had a smaller number of units shipped, you can sorta see the hesitance.

Street Fighter II was amazing for Capcom. Like seriously amazing. In their Top 61 games of all time, the game is on the list at 2, 6, 22, and 30. This isn't even including what lies below. Street Fighter IV is at 9, 26 and 54. You know what isn't anywhere on the lists? Street Fighter III or any of the other fighters from the era when Capcom began to pull away from Fighting Games. The only game on there is Street Fighter Alpha 3 and that is way at the bottom. No Marvel vs Capcom 2, Darkstalkers, or Capcom vs SNK.

So I've decided to give anime watching a retry. I've been out of the loop for about as long as people have been talking about Attack on Titan. Still haven't seen it, not sure if I want to, but I have been watching Monogatari because it is familiar. Not sure if I'm a big fan of this season either, but I do love the fact that there is 2 episodes dedicated entirely to summarizing the plot of season 1 and I think it was the OVAs. It has been a really really long time since I've cared about either and it was nice to remember where we've come.

Which is the exact opposite of what The World God Only Knows did. They decided to bypass what would probably have amounted to a full seasons worth of content just to try out a more interesting arc. Or at least that's the reasoning some people have justified this is that they are going to get to a good arc, but you just can't do that and expect people that haven't read the manga to keep watching your show.

It is the most criminal thing I've ever seen a program do. For those not informed here is how it worked out. The show ran 2 seasons about a gamer using his dating sim skills to woo women and chase out ghosts from their hearts. There is about 1 more season worth of content of this before they change the formula to focus on a core grouping of 5 of those conquests. One of the five was from that missing arc and another was from a direct to DVD special that hasn't aired outside of Japan.Those are CRUCIAL moments.

So they spend 5 minutes montaging through what should have been an entire season and just start everything else off as if nothing had happened between season 2 and season 3. I eventually decided to skip watching all this and just go straight to the manga. I didn't want to, but I'm not about to pretend this awkward presentation didn't just kill it for me.

I've been personally wanting to build a game for about a year and a half. Which means that nothing has been done about this. The reason is that I can't code. That's a lame excuse, but I don't want to try and put anything down on paper until I have an engine worked out that will do what I want it to do.

I was looking at Ren'py for the longest time, but I just can't wrap my head around python enough to transform this really awesome RPG engine in to a game. I like Renpy because it is a game engine basically built upon transforming images. Meaning I put a picture on screen and I make it do something. It works when I want to do a straight VN, but when I try to modify the engine, I just break the shit out of it.

I've also been looking at Game Salad and others, but I want to be an Android/PC developer since that's the phone I prefer (plus Ouya). One day I'm hopefully just going to disappear and try and figure out how to put this all on paper, but until then I'm just stuck.

So last time I was totally ambivalent at the work I'd been doing at Twinfinite and that's been dwelling on me a bit. I'd say depression played a part of that or maybe I was just being hard on myself. I realized this when I saw a coworker post a link to my PS2 ads article that I did early this year when we were all in a group talking about advertisement in games. I dunno, that kinda perked me up. So here are a list of articles I wrote that I combed through my history to see if I liked. Read / Don't read, I'll still love you all the same.

Sony made art out of ads
Why the PS2 Was So Successful
Too Cheap - An Opinion on How Value is Under Appreciated in Games
The 5 Best Moments from EVO
10 Disney Classics that Need A Remaster (I was going to post this, then I found out a coworker of mine disagreed with the list in the comments and thought twice. Then I decided screw that, I still had fun with my list)
Olan Durai: The Forgotten Hero (This was just fun because it made me remember new things about the game like how the Germonik Scriptures are still with the corrupt Glabados Church)
The Graying of Gaming (AKA: I'm getting too old for this shit)
An Interview with Scott Thunelius (I just had a lot of fun talking to this guy, he was in a really great mood that day with me and the people at the show)
What is Your Deserted Island Game? (Where I find out through polling that simulations are the only answer)
DC Kills Again (I'm highlighting this just because it was the last comic book article I got to write before we went straight gaming)
Arcadecraft Review (I think I was being a jerk with this one, because I had built this game up so much in my head that I went out to break this game apart and yet still gave it ****/5)

I also wanted to post this vid, not because it is anything spectacular, but because I legitimately had a lot of fun in it. I've never played Minecraft and even though the sexy cloud Beyamor had gifted me the copy, my first attempt was disastrous. So, it sat and languished.

These guys got me to try it and I think we all had a bit of fun screwing around. Also, that pic of me was because apparently my Twitch recording had a big logo over my forehead. So instead they asked me for a picture and I gave them the one with me and the Black Ranger fist bumping. Why the Black Ranger was cropped out, I have no idea and I look goofy as hell out of context.

I dunno, I'm starting to get a bit of a headache. I just wanted to thank ya'll again for donating. If you can check me tomorrow on stream or any of us really. Last week was really a moment for me to sit back and try live streaming again since I haven't done that in what feels like forever.

I totally dropped the ball too. I missed people in the chat, didn't have my mic on for like 2 hours, spent waaaaaay too long playing SFxMM. Still I had fun, it was nice to be able to do that all with you. This time I'm going to play some Abobo and a few others so please bear with me as I try to do this streaming thing again. If you don't want to watch me, much more interesting people will be doing their thing earlier on. If you do watch, thanks.
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