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MY Final Fantasy list of the best ever games ever. Sort of.

Considering everyone has been slandering up their favorite Final Fantasy games in the order they love, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring. Now, I must admit I'm definitely not as familiar with the series as some of you die-hard fans are, but please bare with me as I pour my heart out to (and on) all of you.

Anyway, let's get the show on the road!!! Please listen to this song as you read:

#5. Dark Souls

God damnit folks, I can barely contain myself over here. YES!!! Dark Souls is that all-time greatest iteration of the Final Fantasy Series!!! This iconic title started it all. This title is what made the phase "Praise the Sun" a crucial part of ever Final Fantasy fan's vocabulary! Who will ever forget the first time you were invaded? I know I won't!! All in all, if you don't agree that this is the greatest FF game to have ever graced our pathetic lives, then you might as well spit in the face of God himself.

That's it folks! It's been a lot of fun reminiscing over the Final Fantasy series with you. I hope you enjoyed it, and may Square Enix reign supreme for another ten-thousand years.
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