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Call of Duty: Multiplayer Analysis

November is just days away, and by now I guess everybody knows what that means. A new COD title is among us, this year it's Infinity Ward's turn with COD: Ghosts, but instead of talking about the new game, let's talk about how much things have really changed in the multiplayer. We'll begin with COD 4, i do know COD 1,2,3 had multiplayer but Modern Warfare 1 was an immediate hit.

Modern Warfare 1
The game that launched COD to the top, the first multiplayer that let the player choose their own load out. Creating a class in COD was simple, but at the same type deep. A word I associate with MW1 is addicting, leveling up made every match worth playing to the end. You could also select perks to aid you in combat, although they were some perks that felt overused, for example: martyrdom, juggernaut and last stand. If players killed others in a row, you were rewarded with killstreaks, UAV, Artillery Strike and Attack Helicopter. One issue with MW1 was the lack of host migration, it would be infuriating at times.

World at War
Treyarch decided to change the setting back to WW2, but that's almost all they changed. It felt as if they were afraid to take a risk, almost every aspect of the multiplayer was the same as Infinity Ward's. They swapped modern weapons with WW2 weapons, the same perk system was here, even with the overused perks. They did nail the setting, maps were extremely detailed, we had tanks in certain maps and this is still the only COD with gore in the multiplayer. Weapons on the other hand didn't feel balanced, snipers and submachine guns were extremely popular, specially the mp40. Still no host migration.

Modern Warfare 2
This time around Infinity Ward decided to expand what they created in MW1. Customizable killstreaks (Harrier Strike, AC-130,Tactical Nuke), Host migration, new perks, they tweaked around with weapons (you could now carry a shotgun as a secondary) and death streaks (really?). It all sounds like fun, which it was at the beginning, until people started using the one man army class. This class involved using a random assault rifle with a grenade launcher, one man army, danger close and a third perk of your choosing. This class got really popular, turning MW2 into an annoyance, since entire teams would begin playing with this class. Every new element added felt like they were oriented to newcomers. Map design didn't help either, camping is always a problem in multiplayer games, but in this one they even had tools to camp, scavenger, claymores and sit rep pro didn't help to solve this issue.

Black Ops 1
Treyarch took a huge risk with this one, the result was a fresh new take on the COD multiplayer. They introduced COD points, to purchase new weapons or perks, perk 1 was now associated with your character's look, new setting for the franchise, theater mode, combat training, wager matches, an emblem editor, weapons and your character were more customizable, they created one of the best multiplayer maps, nuketown, a funny dolphin dive and they added lag compensation to matches. They seriously redeemed themselves from the lack of creativity in World at War, a lot of new features, also improvements. One man army was gone, death streaks were eliminated, explosives got balanced, people without internet connections could now enjoy the multiplayer, thanks to bots. But not everything was perfect, lag compensation was a real deal breaker at times, hit detection was annoying, campers were now ghost campers and Treyarch still didn't completely succeed in the weapon balance department. Even with these issues, the COD multiplayer felt new again and that is a win in my book.

Modern Warfare 3
I guess most of the COD community can agree that MW3 is Infinity Ward's most mediocre attempt. This time instead of expanding the multiplayer, they decided to tweak things. Point streaks (Killstreaks) now came in 3 categories; assault, support and specialist, weapons now leveled up, some perks were either eliminated or divided into other perks, death streaks returned and they brought new friends like dead man's hand, new game modes for the franchise; kill confirmed, infected and face off. As you already guessed, these all seem like small tweaks in the COD formula instead of changes or additions. Infinity Ward tried to make the game for fast paced by reducing the size of maps, and that resulted in horrible spawns, lag compensation was still here and a problem. The game did have tons of weapons, some were just better than others, for example: ACR, MP7, PP90, Striker, Type25. 

Black Ops 2
Treyarch surprised again, we had a new setting, pick a ten system, no more pro perks, no more death streaks, new modes: league play, hard point, multi team deathmatch, codcaster mode, COD TV, a lot of thing we loved in Black ops 1 return for Black ops 2. Almost every element has been tweaked to make the multiplayer feel balanced, but LMG's with target finder are getting popular. But overall this is one of the best multiplayer in the COD heritage. Lag compensation is still here though and maps do seem to be uninspired by design. 

The COD formula has been tweaked a lot during this generation of consoles, but it's still fun. During this blog it's clear that if we expect any innovation in the COD formula it's coming from Treyarch. Infinity Ward has lost their touch and now seems to just follow the same formula they had in COD 4, but by now we deserve something better. 

Thanks for reading and please tell me what's your best COD mp, here a link for a further analysis of the COD mp, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plxpJ7Nwc7s
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