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6 things taterchimp is excited about


Here, have a skilltree.  No, seriously.  Crazy, right?

I saw that Path of Exile was on Steam and free, so I decided to give it a go.  I had played Diablo 2 in the best of all possible ways before:  A pay by the hour computer bar.  Those early years of the internet man, I tell ya.  Eventually my brother and I split the cost of getting it on home, and played many, many characters throughout the years.  I am a frugal gamer, so I haven’t picked up 3, but did try out the demo and liked what I saw.

Now, Path of Exile is actually pretty interesting.  I have a character who regens something like 15 health per second, saps another 20 health per enemy hit, and deals 50 whenever he gets hit.  Add in 50% dodge, 50% evasion, and 30% block, and I feel marginally invincible at the end of act 2!  I am really interested to see how act 3 goes, and how the other classes are.  Right now I’m running a tanky str/dex build, and really liking what I see.  A lot of the mechanics are really well done compared to how I remember Diablo, but a few things are odd.  No gold is one strange thing.  Not earning actives by leveling is also very, very strange.  But overall, it is a super cool game, and I have put in 10 hours since Thursday!

Did I mention that its free?  All the microtransactions are cosmetic, so there is just pure, unadulterated, dungeon crawling in here.  Next to TF2 and DOTA, this game is setting a hell of an example.  Plus, the community is pretty great.  I have found myself thinking that 'this chat room has a cool game attached to it'.  DOWNLOAD IT!  And create an FNF crew for it.  I would, but...you know....effort.

5.) Deep Silver Loving

Deep Silver had its sale this weekend on Steam, so I was able to finally complete the PC trilogy of Saints Row games!  I had been meaning to replay through each of them, but have been clearing out the other games from my backlog.  But I have high hopes for Saints Row’s dick jokes, superpower fueled romp, along with visiting what made SR2 so special, and SR3 so mediocre.

I also picked up Risen 2 for a few dollars, on the recommendation from a cblog that I read the other week (sorry, forgot who!), which I am interested in. I also have had both Metro games in my backlog for a while as well, but I don’t think I can muster the courage to go through 2033 a second time, so I will probably just move over to Last Light first (when there’s time).

6.)  Emo Games!

I have 2 games in my backlog that I have been looking forward to:  Papa y Yo (which I have owned for about 2 months now) and To the Moon (about the same).  I recently came off the high of Dear Esther for the first time, so I am interested to go through these games as well.  Not to be too negative, but the narrator for The Stanley Parable just really didn’t do it for me in the demo that they had, so I don’t think I can jump in on that at least until there is another sale.  I also have Little Inferno (which I hear gets good), and thomas was alone, but Ill be honest:  those games are not for me.  I think that its good that the games are hit and miss though, because at least people are trying something and not always landing on mediocre.  I have heard a lot of love for those games, so they seem to be making a risk which is paying off, just not for me.  


So, fellow dtoiders, whats got you riled up lately?
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