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October: A Month of Steampunk Bullet Dodging and Murderer Scarecrows.

So, after a bit of a break from gaming (anime watching binges get me from time to time) this last week I've been mostly dedicated to Jamestown (thanks Dtoid!), slowly making my way throughout it's various difficulty levels.

Haven't got a chance to play multiplayer yet, but it looks great.

Normal and Difficult were no big deal, and seem like a perfect way to introduce people to the genre, with Legendary being the first real test of ability for a one credit clear, specially because the last level can really chew up on lives on the slightest mistake (forgetting about score and chaining vaunt and vaunt cancels seems to work, however), good thing the last boss is really easy, even on its final form.

Divine is a completely different tale though, I can barely make it through the levels individually (specially the second one and the annoying spores) so a full Gauntlet run seems unlikely, and let's not even talk about Judgment, which gets downright insane since the beggining of stage one.

And then, he goes Super Saiyan. Not joking.

While the game has great sprite and gameplay, the music could have been done better: shmups are made with replayability in mind, so bombastic, epic tunes can get a little tedious after a while, but that may just be a result of being spoiled by Zun (and the fan remixes are even better, currently listening to a sassy jazz version of Border of Life). Overall, it's a really good game which hopefully can get a sequel sometime; the addition of matchmaking would be really awesome!

In between runs, I've been also dabbled on some League Of Legends now that we have a Latin American server. Short version, I suck at it. But it's quite enjoyable with friends, and the great quantity of champions makes it so each week there is something new to try.

Caw, caw, caw!

So far, Fiddlesticks and Jax have given me the best results (jumping from a bush to rain down a murder of crows over a teamfight never gets old), and Garen is quite easy to use as well, just can't get on the habit of last hitting minions while managing cooldowns, poking the enemy, calling missing enemies, looking for ganks and setting wards: too much multitasking! There's a reason why I'm silver league on Starcraft 2...

Anyway, a few weeks ago we went to watch the finals at a local bar, it was exciting to see so many people cheering at a videogame event!. In fact there were so many people at the venue that no food or beer was available after the second round, and the roar of the crowd at an Ace (complete wipe of the enemy team) rivaled that of a goal of the national football selection (very serious bussiness here in Mexico!). Too bad it ended 3-0, a comeback by the losing would have been great.

Also, Lulu is cute as hell.

Just hit summoner level 11 last night, let's see how things fare against medium difficulty bots... though with Jinx and her uber-brokeness (seriously, she gets used every game and racks up no less than 25 kills on each one) being free this weekend, the IP and EXP should keep rolling in at a decent pace (even had a 15 minute game with four level 30's on the team!).

At this moment, I've just bought Corpse Party: Book of Shadows from the PSN Store. Loved the first one, and can't wait for midnight to play it properly, the last games 3D stereo sound could get real creepy under the right conditions. Also, Asami Imai is on it, and you can never have enough of her :3

Man, did those scissor see action!

Watched the anime version a few days ago, and was surprised at how faithful it was to the source material: while some things got a little rushed (like how to deal with the children ghosts), the voice acting was top notch and the level of gore really sends shivers down the spine. Though it could have done away with the fan service. somehow, Yuka and Satoshi seemed less annoying in general, and Kizami got way creepier with his upgraded psycho gaze. A must watch for this season! Hopefully Dead Patient delivers again when it's released overseas.

Next year, maybe?

Well, needed a break from school stuff to keep my sanity, thanks for reading, and see you around!
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