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Pokémon X and Y: Thoughts



Not everything is Roselia (heh) for X and Y, though, as the titles have their fair share of technical problems and oversights that stop the titles from being the perfect Pokémon games. The 3DS’ famous feature of 3D is curiously absent from the overworld—only battles and cutscenes are graced with its presence. This is quite strange, as the game is a first-party Nintendo title—surely they’d want the game to make use of the console’s flagship feature? I can only assume that the ambition of the highly-detailed overworld outstripped the need for the feature. Another niggle with the engine lies in framerate drops during battles: whenever two ‘mons are on screen at the same time, there is a noticeable drop in framerate. This isn’t a huge deal in a turn-based game, but it definitely seems sloppy and should have been addressed before launch. Another thing that most definitely should have been addressed is the bug in which savefiles are corrupted if the player saves in the main area of the central hub of the game. The hub, Lumiose City, is also an absolute pain to navigate. The layout is overly complicated and the camera angles are absolutely hideous. Another, perhaps entitled, complaint is the lack of any substantial post-game content. There is very little to do except the bare-bones equivalent of the ‘Battle Frontier’, catching a few Legendaries (only one of which is new), and the ‘Friend Safari’. Maybe I was spoiled by Gold and Silver, but I was at least expecting some more challenging story content after the credits rolled. Trainer customisation is lacklustre, too (for males at least)—there really aren’t all that many new models of clothes; most are just reskins, which is very disappointing.


X and Y aren’t a departure from the typical formula, but enough has been added to keep the series fresh to appease long-time fans, and also perhaps draw new ones in. It does what it says on the tin: Pokémon; no more, no less (well, maybe a little bit more if you want to 'Touch 'em all!'). 
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