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An Extra Life Schedule and Raffle List. Let's Help Sick Kids


Alright, now that I've got my ducks in a row, it is time to talk of Extra Life. Unfortunately, as most of you gathered from my last blog, my schedule has been tumultuous at best. This leaves me in a bit of a conundrum. Since I can't marathon straight 24 hours during the regular event this year due to being a loving father, I have decided that spreading it out will fill that little insane quota of 24 hours that I've set up in my mind.

This year I'm actually going to be marathoning twice because of this. Once for me and once for Twinfinite. So let's break these events down:

G3 Gaming and Giving for Good
I named this after the now defunct Extra Life marathon I've been pushing for the past 2 years. It's catchy and I have the banners...sooooo. I'm marathoning for it.

This event will be raising funds for the University of Mississippi's Batson Children's Hospital. As with every year, I chose this hospital at random. I probably will never need their services as I don't even live in the state. The reason I chose this hospital is because it doesn't really matter which one I chose specifically. Helping Kids regardless of location should be the goal for all of us.

My G3 Page is here

I will be playing a number of games on October 26th, 2013 to raise support. We'll get to the games in just a second.

Extra Life
This Event will be raising funds for Sick Kids International, a program that brings sick kids from around the world to the hospital for treatment. I work on the side with a blog known as Twinfinite. I forced everybody to get involved with G3 and Extra Life last year and everybody had so much fun that we're doing it again. This year we chose Sick Kids International because it was like 1 of 3 international hospitals and my god does it make a great tag line. "Help Sick Kids!" We wanted to hit an international organization and this was a great one to choose.

Our Extra Life Page is here

Raffle Prizes
If you have ever donated to my Extra Life events, you've received a game. Each year I have collected a number of games that I raffle out personally. This year wanting to do something a bit bigger, I've been hoarding codes for this. The result is that I've got a pretty good number of games I'm personally donating to this event.

This year I have some games to give out to both events.

Here is the Raffle List for G3.
Here is the Raffle List for Extra Life.

I'm not sure what the final list for Extra Life will be, but here are the games I am donating to it. Yami has a few games she's added and I'm sure we'll have others, but these are the games I can guarantee I will hand out to you.

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