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No Pokemon for me.I'm too busy courting girls with Turnips.

A brand new Pokemon game just came out.  It apparantly sold over 4 million copies at launch. As a matter of fact, the first thing I did when waking up Saturday morning was turn on my 3DS, go to the E-Shop. And get Rune Factory 4. Why? Let's take a minute and answer that, shall we?


First off, this game is much deeper than you may first think, with stats for pretty much everything you could imagine, from swords to fishing and farming to bathing (still not sure how that works). The amount of things you can do on any given day is mind-boggling. For example, shall I spend the day farming and doing requests for the fair townspeople of Selphia, or spend a day or 2 fighting through a dungeaon to beat up it's boss and have it turn into a potential bride (more on that in a bit)? Not to mention the frequent and varied festivals, which you decide on wether to hold or not. Because you're the prince of this town (kind of), and by god if you want more festivals, then  you will get more festivals (I've sadly yet to unlock the "Sacrifice Arthur to eldritch dragon gods and claim his throne forever" one)!

This is all well and good, but what really makes the game for me, and what Pokemon wasn't offering (unless your into some weird shit, but hey, I'm not judging) is the opportunity to befriend and, if you so wish, romance and marry one of many eligible  bachelorettes. Or bachelors. Rune Factory has you covered, ladies. And you do so by showering them with presents and attention, like some sort of Turnip spewing stalker.
Does Pokemon let me throw crops at the objects of my deranged affection? No. No it does not. Need more be said? OH WAIT YOU CAN ALSO BEFRIEND AND RAISE MONSTERS IN RUNE FACTORY 4! WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT NOW, POKEMON?!?

So there you have it. The reason why I have yet to play X and Y. To be fair to it, it does look good, and nothing else should come out by next week when I have some more cash to go and buy it-

...well, fuck.
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