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The crossover that hopefully never happens

Some crossovers are done tastefully. Some are well done. With games like Smash Bros or Dissidia Final Fantasy taking a company's mascots and putting them in the same game, it's fun and induces nostalgic feelings in fans. But there can be a time when there is a crossover that doesn't sit right with you either out of general displeasure, or it doesn't mix well with the other game it is meeting.

With KHIII hopefully coming next year, we're all finally gonna get the next real game in the series after eight long years. But there might be one tiny snag along the way. 

Since Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Disney and Square, both companies lend their mascots. But as we all know, Disney has managed to snag the rights to Star Wars and Marvel. You see where I'm getting at?

We may be seeing Star Wars or the Marvel Universe as new worlds in KHIII, and I don't like it one bit. Personally, there I have nothing against either franchises, but I think Disney is enough. To me, both franchises are too science-heavy to incorporate the magical universe of Kingdom Hearts. I know there are paranormal events in both franchises, but for the most part it's sci-fi. The TRON world from II and DDD were probably the limit.

I think my biggest gripe would be with the Marvel issue. I've discussed this with my friend and he sort of agrees. If we were to see a Marvel world, it would probably Spiderman. It sounds cool, but I don't think I'll be able to handle hearing the grinding, whiny voice of Drake Bell. I've seen some of his shows, and he's too much of a spaz case. And once again, that series has a bit more sci-fi than paranormal stuff so I don't think it'll fit well with KH.

I'm writing this on a blind rage right now, so excuse me for my sloppy writing. It's just that I think KH should only stick to the Disney stuff; and classical Disney, none of this modern day live action crap. No lightsaber Keyblades or teenage webslingers either. What drives this in is that the director of KH is actually contemplating of putting in those kinds of worlds. 

I honestly hope he doesn't. Thoughts?
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