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As Black as Lightning (Part 1)


The takeaway from all this is that the so-called Lightning Saga got off on the wrong foot.  Setting aside the fact that making a saga probably wasn’t the intention at the game’s reveal all those years ago,  attempts to paint Lightning as the saga’s hero come off as hollow and insincere -- and flat-out wrong.  I could accept her being the main character of these games, sure, but the hero?  No.  Squeenix is asking too much of its audience.  The evidence it gives far outweighs the JRPG conventions, and just goes to highlight one of two things: either how little they understood the character and her game(s), or how much they wanted to bend everything to suit her.  Neither option makes for a very good product; vanilla XIII comes off as confused, contradictory, and…well, kind of crummy.  In my humble opinion, of course. 

But as bad as I consider XIII to be, XIII-2 is worse.  Phenomenally worse.  And just as the Lightning Saga dips into the darkness, so too does its leading lady.  And I’ll gladly explain what I mean…next time.  I get the feeling that I’ve typed enough for one day, so I’ll go ahead and give my fingers -- and your eyes -- a rest. 

See you guys soon.  Because we’ve still got a looooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

…And thank God for Jim.

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