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It's been a good long while since I played Diablo 2.  Whe 3 came out, I was pumped, but alas my laptop couldn't handle the awesome sauce.  Well, now that I've gotten to sink my teeth in thanks to Blizzard bringing it to consoles (seriously, thank you Blizzard) I'm shell shocked.  It's phenomenal (as I already read...  repeatedly).  But what the crazy thing is, how did I ever get so into it with all the goddamned clicking?!?!?!?

On consoles you just control the characters movements.  Sounds like a simple thing, and it is...  But OMG what a difference a platform makes!  I'll probably never go back to D2 because I've been washed in the glow that can only come from PLAYING Diablo, as opposed to CLICKING my way through.  

As I popped the disc into my PS3, I was full of excitement.  Here it was, D3 in all its splendor and RPG hack-n-slash goodness.  But as soon as I was able to get cracking, just running around without scrolling and clicking, and fighting without clicking on each enemy repeatedly I had to wonder why it took so long, and a platform change to do something so simple.  So simple, yet so necessary.  

I know there are the purists who will want to click, and to them I say click on ahead.  As for me, the game has literally changed.  No matter how this tale spins, The console version of D3 has to be looked on (at least by most) as the definitive version.  I know you can't mod to pour gravy all over the biscut....  But if that's the trade off, I'll take it.  

I have GTA V sitting in my 360, begging to be played.  But my playstation has other ideas.  I've been blasting baddies and getting my loot on for almost 12 hours (with some minimal away time, like eating, loading up a bowl of green sticky goodness and getting drinks occasionally).

I implore those of you who have passed on prior iterations of the game for whatever reason to snag a copy and have at it.  (Unless you hate hack n slash RPGs)  I just hope that when the next Diablo game comes out, it will be on consoles on day 1, and that the control scheme used in 3 can be used by PC players.  Blizzard emancipated Diablo, I hope that they continue to keep the characters off the leash in the future.
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