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Which games would make a good TV series?

Every year, more games have demonstrated how cinematic they can be. I recently finished The Last of Us, and I couldn't stop thinking what a good TV Series the game would be. In this quick blog, I'll list some games that just scream to have a Tv series. This is just my opinion and if I leave some great games out, please comment and I'll make a list created by the users.

1. The Last of Us

Right from the beginning you know this game has a great universe to explore. If Joel and Ellie have a great story, just imagine what other characters have to tell. Everyone just scavenging to survive, living on the edge every day. The characters you meet  through the course of the game have really compelling background stories. I do know this sounds really similar to the Walking Dead, but the infected in this game are different and change how the main characters could succeed every combat situation. Plus, with the hope of a cure on the way, it should be interesting how characters survive knowing it could all end and return to the way it used to be.

2. Mass Effect Franchise

Mass Effect came out of nowhere, it became one of the most beloved games of this franchise. Imagine if you could see this universe turned into a good TV series. Shepard would still be the main character, but in the TV Series maybe we could see other characters get the spotlight. Tali, Garrus, Liara, Wrex, Ashley, Kaiden, everyone could have tons of episodes just dedicated to themselves, we could see them before they were recruited by Shepard. Before every episode we could vote for  how Shepard would react to a situation, maybe he could be paragon or maybe renegade, that would really be a great idea for the series. The lore behind Mass Effect is so huge, it could be a long series.

3. Halo Series

The first time a played a Halo game, I had the foolish idea it was just another shooter, but how wrong was I. The Halo franchise has had a few adaptations, for example Halo Legends and Halo Forward unto Dawn and even the rumored Halo movie. Halo tells the story of how humanity must adapt to the new necessities of war. Spartans vs Covenant, Forerunners vs The Flood, the topics are just too vast to be ignored, someone out their please make a TV series about these wars.

4. Metro Series

I know, another about the apocalypse, but the Metro series differ from the rest. They add a small tiny dose of horror to their story. The first Metro game had a great story to tell, mixing survival with psychological  thriller. Societies have moved to the metro stations due to the fact that outside the metros the radiation is extremely harsh. Imagine all the stories of how the managed to survive, every single person down there in the metro has a different tale to tell.

5. Metal Gear Franchise

With the recently added Metal Gear Rising, they're infinite stories and characters to portray. Solid Snake has been in the gaming industry for years, so many adventures we've been through, so many story arcs. The real challenge will be how to adapt the stealth elements into a TV series, I mean how to adapt the franchise for the masses. When I started the idea of this blog, this franchise was the first that came to mind. If someone out their is already thinking about making something with the franchise, either live action web series or movie, whatever, please tell us!

Other Honorable mentions:

Fallout: the humor and silliness is just amazing.

Borderlands: comedy and great story themes.

Asura's Wrath: Live action Dragon Ballish fights!
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