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[Retrophile TV] • Season 4 Kickstarter: Help improve my Retro Gaming webseries.


Hello, Communitoid!

It's been awhile since I've last posted anything on the ol' Cblog, but I feel that this is something post-worthy. I've recently started my first ever Kickstarter in an attempt to improve my ongoing YouTube retro gaming series, [Retrophile TV]. What started out as something lame and terrible has turned into something tolerable and almost watchable. With your pledges, you can take my little pet project into the realm of limitless badassery.

...Or, y'know, something that's more professional than what it is now.

I'm asking to raise $250. That's it. I'm not throwing out some crazy numbers for a giant money-grab because I know all I need to snag is a better microphone & a pop filter.

If you haven't seen any of my work, take a quick look at my latest episode: Pieces (SNES)

If you enjoyed the video, you can check out more of my work over on YouTube, or you can make a pledge to the Kickstarter project now.

Savant ♥'s Destructoid. Thanks for the support!
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