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Community Interviews: Snuggling Up To GlowBear

Welcome to the third entry in the revived Community Interviews series!

You'll notice a slight tinge of formulaic formatting throughout these interviews as you read through them, and that is that there are repeated questions that every person must answer. �The reason for this is simple: those questions are what form the foundation of the interview. �Once those questions have been answered, other questions are asked that are tailored to respond to the answers given. �What you will be reading is the end result, conversationally compiled.

Without further ado, let's get started.

She's a quarter-century ancient. �She's started as a site lurker in 2011, joined the forums in October of that same year and joined the community proper the very next month. �She's currently unemployed, and has been for far longer than she rightfully should, but has experience in just about everything. �She's apt to tell you a funny story or two. �She's easily trusted. �People come to her with all sorts of problems of if they need to feel safe getting something off their chest because she's such a caring nurturer, which leaves a bittersweet feeling for her at times.

Just like the previous interviews, I sent her a questionnaire, she answered stuff, I asked her questions about answers, there was much rejoicing.

Raise your glass and toast the Loveliest Girl In The UK, our very own GlowBear!

One last question: Who do you think you are?

I'd like to think I'm the girl I was growing up but now better and stronger. But some days you don't know. I'm just a funny, whiskey loving, (hopefully) kind bear face moustache lass.

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