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It's not us, it's you~

Blameless we stand

Type: EA Blames on a Google search, go ahead, I'll wait... ... ... ...

Surprised? So was I when I was looking up EA blames Steam. I found that EA blames a lot of different groups, they pretty much blame everyone except themselves. They absolutely refuse to take the blame for anything, in their eyes, it's not EA, its you. Now, keep in mind that EA is not the only company that does this. In fact many big company's deflect blame for fear of losing one thing, share holders. (Nope, not gamers, we're second base to a Share Holder) Though again, in a corporate stand point, this makes more sense to do. Share Holders have more money, are willing to shovel it in, and allows a company like EA, to grow, with that said however, this is where things start to get dicey.

With them getting the golden Stinky from The Consumerist this year and with their AAA trading status going along with it, one might think that it may be time to rethink this whole, blame everyone but ourselves. One may also think that doing some PR repair work may definitely be needed, and we are finally starting to see that, with the new return policy from the Origin Network.* Even if the return policy is a bit limited, it's better than just being stuck with it. This may stem from what happened with Sim City, and it's recent nerd rage regarding the game. I can only speculate, but I'm getting off topic.

At the top of this pen is a point, GET THERE

My whole point is, that maybe instead of upsetting the apple cart more, and pointing fingers, maybe it's time for a new approach. If EA just listened to it's customer base for 2 seconds, it may find out ways of improving it's business structure, instead of dismissing, enraging, ignoring, and more importantly, pointing fingers. Instead of..."We can do better." It should we: "We've done many things to upset our customers, we'll start doing 180's NOW." <- Excepts responsibility and shows that they are willing to fix issues.

I doubt that they will even try any of this, which is why your seeing this blog here, than say, ignore and dismiss nerd rage Origin forums. While I'm on the subject of dismissing your customer base, maybe the one way of getting that AAA trading status back (EA) is through your customer base... Maybe, just maybe, instead of putting Share Holders first, you put the people you sell stuff to first. Maybe, instead of making us go to other forms of distribution, like Steam, you should welcome us with open arms. Allow us to give you feedback, which isn't a weakness, it's something Valve does far better than EA.

With that said, I'm WeasleX(TM) and this is my two cents EA, please don't blame me for your next round of failures.

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