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Skullgirls: My Bloody Valentine


Finally, I am a big fan of the custom team idea - you can have anywhere between 1 and 3 characters on your team at once, and they basically split their power between the three of them.  If you have one, you get double damage and double health (or something like that).  If you have other characters you can call in assists.  If you call in an assist, you can get that hero comboed into tomorrow (which is basically the best thing ever, especially with 2 bars up).  You have the typical snapback available and the swap with regenerating health.  It all feels good, but can be a little hectic.  In 3 on 3 matches the action can get incredibly confusing, especially with multiples of a single hero.  Even in a mirror match, I sometimes get confused as to which one is me, which matters for which super I am planning on belting out.  I do really like the detail added in where fallen opponents leave something behind - a head, a tombstone, a wheel - wherever they fell.  It is a really minor touch that adds a lot of ‘depth’ I guess.  

Overall, this is a wonderful experience to get in to.  Each character has a very unique style to them (no Ryu/Ken clones here, folks), some of which are more annoying than others.  Whenever I see a Peacock, I know to save up some meter, thats for sure.  It all feels established from other games (guess which girl is Zangeif?), but it makes it feel a bit more familiar.  If you like fighters (even if you aren’t great at them), sexy ladies, and hand drawn art, this seems like a super cool game.  I dont know if I can underline it enough, but this game pulled me away from DOTA, guys.  That is something that hasn’t been accomplished for about a month.
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