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Gaming with bigboss0110: It's certainly....different

Watch me play Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on a train, and you too can see this very face of deep concentration that cannot be broken

Greetings, all!  The wonderful Mr. Dixon posed a question to the community about what it is like to "game with you," and I asked the very many voices inside my head what the answer to that question is, but they provided no reply (the ONE TIME I need them to talk!).  However, I have a rough idea of what it is like to game with me, due to the input of my friends, family, and loved ones, and I have come to a conclusion: gaming with me is very different and not one particular type of experience.  There are varying factors, including what type of game I am playing, what type of environment I am in, if I am playing alone or with friends, and who I am playing games with.  It is my duty to you, THE READERS, to chronicle these experiences, and not paint myself in a particularly positive light; for indeed, none of my friends would.

I am obsessed with finding every single conceivable thing in this game

I guess the first thing I would like to talk about is watching me play a single player game, on the rare occasion my friends have literally nothing to do and watch me play something out of sheer desperation and boredom (and I've locked all the doors so they cannot get outside).  I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to my solo gaming; and as such, I will replay levels over and over until I find every single thing I can find.  This can be either particularly annoying, scary, or hilarious to the observer, depending on what is being played.  Take Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, for example: I must find all the Boos, gems, and get 3 stars on each level in order to be a satisfied human being.  If you are watching me play, I will take the 3D off so you will not suffer permanent eye damage, but I will not make any promises that I will continue on to the next stage if I only have two stars because I NEED HELP.  I'm sorry if you are bored seeing me search every single part of Gloomy Manor because I missed a gem that required me to shoot a portrait of a helmet with a literal helmet in order to get it BECAUSE WHO EVEN KNOWS TO DO THAT WHEN IT ONLY HAPPENS IN LEVEL A-3, but maybe you should have brought your own 3DS and had your own fun times, seriously (I still love you guys).

I went from 40 lives to 8 just trying to get the letter G in this stage

Happily, if you aren't looking around for scissors to stab your brain in repeatedly, you are probably laughing your ass off watching me fail.  In Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, I will do my best to find all the letters and puzzle pieces within each stage, which causes me to lose quite a few lives in the later levels.  Hearing the YOU DIED music and seeing me reduced to the verge of tears certainly can make people near me laugh at my misfortune, even though I wouldn't wish the torture of any mine cart level on my worst enemy.  However, that laughter can turn to fear if a vein starts pumping out of my forehead.  Whenever that is the case, I want my friends not to worry, for I have mastered the art of breathing, and I have spent entirely too much on my first generation 3DS to fling it against the wall (though I want to desperately).

I am actually making my way to the right so I can totally steal my girlfriend's kill and claim all the points

When it comes to the subject of playing games with me, I can tell you how it is going to go down, depending on who you are.  Any co-operative game I play with my darling love will always end up being about who gets the most points at the end of the level because she is fiercely competitive and I like keeping up with her and I enjoy trying to find out who is the best at beat-em-ups.  I will not be a dick and go so far as to eat a turkey if she needs health more than I do in Streets of Rage 2, but I am not above going after her kills so I can finish the stage with more points and therefore get the most lives.  However, when it comes to shooting things in the face, like in Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 5, she has way better accuracy and always does better than I do (she's the queen of shooters).  Also, playing a game like Borderlands 2 with someone else usually means my OCD to find all the goodies has to take a backseat to just having fun and moving at a brisk pace from place to place; otherwise, I might have to endure actual, repeated punches to the shoulder.

I love fighting games that let me use a talking raccoon to blast a juiced-up version of one of my favorite survival horror characters

Fighting games are either competitive or silly fun affairs, usually a combination of the two!  If I am playing against someone who really knows their stuff, then I will give it my best and laugh and congratulate my friend afterward, regardless of whether or not I win or lose.  If I am playing against someone who doesn't really know fighting games, I will hold back a little, because nothing is more infuriating than someone doing a 10-hit air combo on you when you are playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the very first time (I know I'd hate myself if I was in the other person's shoes).  One thing I only recently thought about writing this is how others see me playing these games competitively.  I wonder if I look calm and confident or if I look like I have no idea what I am doing and am just winging it, which certainly holds true for certain fighting games (I don't know what I am doing in Injustice: Gods Among Us or Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, but sometimes I end up winning anyway; sorry if that infuriates you, brother of mine!).

Playing fake plastic instruments while slightly intoxicated really brings people together

Finally, we come to my personal favorite way of playing with friends, and hopefully their favorite way of playing with me: a good old session of Rock Band 3.  This is the one game where I feel competitiveness goes out the window, and true camaraderie takes place.  Playing together with friends and loved ones, our minds aren't on getting the best score; we are only trying to get through a song together, and helping each other out if need be (or we just put No Fail Mode on and just have fun).  It doesn't matter who is the best on drums or who has the best singing voice or who can shred that guitar solo the best; we all take turns and try everything out so we can have a complete experience and laugh at the good times we are having together as a unit.  To me, there is no better way to bring everyone close and game as one than playing Rock Band 3 (unless everyone loves the Beatles; then The Beatles: Rock Band is the bestest).

You know that girl in the middle is thinking "I know how to use a controller, get your damn hands off unless you want me to break your thumbs"

So, what is it like gaming with me?  It's everything, really: I'll piss you off, make you laugh, help you if you are stuck, curse at you, and hug you for a job well done.  You burn me and try to kill me for rupees in Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, I'll bring you my A game and screw you over just as much; you sing "No One Knows" in Rock Band 3, I'll do my damndest to accompany you on the drums as your personal Dave Grohl.  You'll want to stab me and hug me and kiss me and kick me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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