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Let's Drop the Angry Act, Children.

Recently Phil Fish! And Marcus Beer! And an explosion of Twitter insanity!

If you haven't heard about this by now, you haven't visited a game site in the past few days. But basically, Phil Fish said a thing, and a gent by the name of The Annoyed Gamer responded on a Gametrailers program by calling Fish a "doo doo head" a "smelly farty butt" and a "smegma encrusted dick penis from hell" or equivalent insults. The blowback that occurred was essentially Phil Fish hitting the proverbial "Retire" button on his metaphorical mission screen, that mission being the creation of Fez 2, also known as "a game I really hoped didn't have a buttfuckingly irritating map that I had to walk all over for hours again before uninstalling it from my Xbox to make room for Deathsmiles 2."

I'd personally say "no thanks" to that sorry lot of fickle manbabies and shoot for the stars for a better class of audience. And in turn, if we WANT a better class of audience, we need to have more people out there who act as positive role models. Because these personalities ARE influential, as insane as that may sound, and the more negative icons we have sitting in the spotlight, the more people will find it acceptable to be indecent, overly cynical dickwads who never listen to crticism, and pretend that they fart perfume and shit out diamonds.

The reality is far less pretty than that, and is certainly a lot stinkier.
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