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BroForce is going to blow you away, Literally

Hey guys, I've been playing a really kick ass game non stop, wanna know what game it is?

That is right ladies and gentleman.

"BroForce" comes from indie developer Free Lives out of Cape Town, South Africa

What is BroForce you ask? "Explosions" I answer. And if you want something more detailed than that, well let's just hear what the developer says about it themselves

"Broforce is a hyperviolent action platform game. it features 90's blockbuster movie action heroes making up the Broforce team- an under-funded vigilante paramilitary organisation- saving the world from satanic alien terrorist investment banker buisnessmen in non-stop, fast paced co-operative strategic mayhem filled with more action and explisions than anything else, ever"

And if that doesn't sound cool to you, then you are in the wrong place.

BroForce was introduced to me by my friend Christian who deserves all credits for putting this game on my radar. 

I've been spending some time with the alpha build available at Free Lives website, and I am just loving this game to death. The mechanics are kind of wierd at times and I haven't really gotten a full grasp of how I do some stuff, like for instance, every time I die I change character. Which is okay, but also every time I release a prisoner I change character, and I haven't found a way to change character by choice.

But none of that matters because what the game do extremely well is, randomness
I love the way this game just outright doesn't make sense at times, And the randomness of it all is just so damn funny it makes me want more

The game features characters from 80's and 90's blockbuster movies, Rambo for instance is named RamBro (which was also the initial title of the game), Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Commando is named CommanBro or something like that. You also unlock more characters as you progress through the levels

Now I won't spoil all the characters that I came across as I were playing the alpha, but suffice to say, I had a blast when Blade the Vampire Hunter showed up (here named Brade) but I totally lost it when Judge Dredd (one of my all time favorite comic book characters) showed up as BroDredd

All characters have unique attacks and special attacks, but other than that they are pretty much the same when it comes to the controls. and there is also a button for high fives. Yup, you read correctly

BroForce features 4 player Co-Op and the finished game will also feature a deathmatch mode that will most likely be used several times by me and my friends as a party game. Oh how we love party games..

The indie scene is a very varied place, but among the art games, and the games that really innovates, it's nice to see that there is also developers that will make a game that is just dumb fun. If I were a indie developer, this is the sort of game I would want to make. It's just fantastic

If anything that I wrote about this game sounds interesting to you, I urge you to go over to Free Lives website and check it out, you can find the alpha build there and make up your own mind about the game

As for me? I've already preordered it
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