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Eurogamer Expo 2013: September 26th-29th, London


Is this thing on? How do I do this? Who are you people? Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make me European Community Manager? Nerds. [Photo by the uber-talented @kirth]

Now that I've obtained that mythical and totally-useful-to-society-at-large BA, I should probably do my damn job around here. Eurogamer Expo, arguably the highlight of the DtoidEU calendar (because... MCM), is now only two months away!

In keeping with recent years, the convention is going to be held at Earl's Court, London. Tickets can be obtained here for the mildly eye-watering price of �15 for a day ticket or �10 for an afternoon, with Saturday and Sunday tickets having already sold out. Sure ain't what it used to be, folks.

Our presence at the expo has admittedly dwindled in recent years as we abandon games in the noble pursuit of food, alcohol and each other's company, but there will be plenty going on throughout the weekend. To give you an idea of what we get up to, here's last year's itinerary and some photos by the lovely AceFlibble.

The Saturday night is usually taken up by the traditional StickTwiddler afterparty in aid of Special Effect, while Sunday evening is dedicated to some drinks before we all go home. We'll be sure to get a group meal in at some point, too.

Planning usually takes place in the DtoidEU mailer and any questions can also be directed to [email protected] stfuajpg.
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Beccy is the EU Community Manager and has the funny accent to prove it.

Her role is to "maintain the European presence on the site", which primarily involves refusing to cater to American spelling conventions. She moderates the forums and cblogs, heads up the UK regional group mailer and organises various meet ups throughout the year. She can be found at the European cons and expos surrounded by other people with funny accents, though she has been known to stray to the other side of the Atlantic on occasion.

Self-proclaimed master firer of Jaffa cannons.

Ethics disclaimer: She's credited in Vlambeer's LUFTRAUSERS and spends an inordinate amount of time hugging indie devs at expos. Naturally, she takes no part in the reviewing of such games. Even though they're GOTY.
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