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Loot Crazy

Just a little quickie here. No big deal.

The problem isn't Shadowrun Returns. The problem is the current perception of what RPG means. RPG's are now split into two categories by the common rabble; the JRPG (for as redundant and dumb as that term is, it does descibe a particular kind of game) and the Western RPG, the latter translating roughly into "big giant mess of exploration-masturbation and an arbitrary 'moral choice' system of some kind." add "LOOTING" onto the end of that, and you have a pretty accurate representation of what many modern gamers feel the RPG is SUPPOSED to be. And anything stepping outside of that realm, and in Shadowruns case, moving much closer to the source material than many other games could ever hope to achieve by providing a strong campaign with a good story, along with the tools for prospective programmers and gamemasters to create many, many more, all distributed for free to the community, and it is instantly classifed as a "light" RPG by cynical forum dwellers who manage to categorically miss the point every step of the way.

It's an unfortunate start for a game with oodles of potential, despite a few apparent imperfections. And it is also the first time I have been really encouraged to make my own scenarios, just because it's a game worth getting excited about, and one I want to see survive for years as a legitimate community supporting lots of original content; content that will eventually surpass the quality of the default scenario offered. And the lack of "loot" does very little to convince me it's a "bad game". In fact, in the vast morass of games specifically focused on gear, loot, and drops, Shadowrun Returns comes off as bold, brave, and original in comparison; and that is really indicative of just how face-punchingly repetitious a lot of this shitty industry has become.
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