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Dark Souls...Again.

So much stuff has come may way this last few weeks. The Steam sale, combined with a shitload of preorders and some other titles on top of that has kept me insanely busy. But the game I am playing more than anything else is Dark Souls.

There are probably one too many blogs on the internet gushing about this game, but after jumping into it for a second time, on PC now as opposed to PS3, I just can't think of enough good things to say. It is the first open world game I have played that truly feels like a real place.

Despite the upcoming sequel, I think it's important for people to give Dark Souls a try. For me, it was a game changing experience, one that transformed my expectations of a genre I had long felt was becoming stale in many respects. I was one of the few people out there who was completely disenchanted by the likes of Skyrim and Dragon Age, both being journeys that were dissimilar to others, but familiar in comparison to their predecessors. That isn't to say I thought either of them were bad; I just wanted something new, something different, and Dark Souls delivered where no other game has. And nearly two years after playing it for the first time on Playstation, and stopping due to a growling lack of access to that console, I am finally back in the game, this time with my full attention given on the PC. And my opinion of the game hasn't changed; I am actually even more fond of it now than I was back then.

A superb game, and hopefully, a superb franchise once the second one finally hits store shelves. I am skeptical it can live up to the original just because a part of the appeal for me is the uniqueness of the play style overall. This will be the third visit to the Souls game "system", and I think you can only strike gold so many times before your ax starts to chip and the experience becomes stale. But for what it's worth, Dark Souls will always stand out to me as one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing, and no amount of botched sequels can tarnish that.
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